Friday, November 28, 2008

Exposing Corrupted Canadian Government Agencies And Public Officials With Questionable Conduct

I have so far been exposing human rights abuse but in general terms and not being specific enough in regards to individuals cases of corruption or human rights abuse by either publicly appointed persons or the government agencies that they represents. I have now decided to complile a list of canadian government agencies and the individuals in those agencies, as well as the courts and to expose these publicly appointed persons who have come under investigation or where some public complaint have been made against them or there are questions in regards to their public duties. I will cover as many areas as I can and will from time to time add names to the list as they become available.

OFFICE OF THE CHILDREN'S LAWYER: (Does not represent the interest of children as
believed). Below is a list of individuals who have acted contrary in regards to the children that they have represented).
Mischa Lavine
Dena Moyal
Adrienne Ambrozic

CHILDRENS'S AID SOCIETY (Not a government agency strictly speaking, but a private corporation that traffic in the lives of our children and it is run by a bunch of sociopaths. Its members are known to act against the public in regards to how they carry out their public duties. I can honestly say that I have lost count of how many people have come to me over the years with complaints about this organization and its members. It included those listed below.
Jennifer Kay
Melody Thomas
Lisa Liftshitz
Dave Flemming
Mariam Jonckheere
Nancy Dale
Hanna Gavendo

Detective Teeter
Adele Vansherrenberg
Const. Quiggley
Elaschuk (13 division)
(Note: this is in fact a very long lists and will be updated further soon).Their actions included everything from obstruction of justice to corruption by individual police officers. (Read my other articles on some of their actions against me personally).

FAMILY COURT: Sheppard Avenue East, Toronto
Harry Brownstone
Geraldine Waldman
Zukar(I have known this judge personally in regards to my family case and his personal bias relating to cases before him and I was personally outraged as other members of the public were when he awarded custody of a child to a father who later threw the child off the highway overpass unto traffic below where the child was killed.

Justice Corbett
J.R. Belleghem

ONTARIO PROVINCIAL COURT: 1000 Finch Avenue West,Toronto
Leslie Pringle
J.P Billich
J.P Nevins
J.P Rothman
J.P Whittaker
J.P Steven Weisberg
There are public complaints now being made against members of the court staff and Judges and Justice of the Peace regarding what has been a regular practice by the courts in regards to the changing of transcripts that are made during a hearing, either by a judge or the court reporter recording the hearing. This has happened to me personally as well as to others that I am aware of and it is also interesting to see that other sites such as "Court Watch" are also now reporting this trend by Ontario Courts against the public.

Many violations regarding the rights of individuals before the courts including racism and other forms of discrimination. It also included the personal interferance of Judges and Justice of the Peace against members of the public.

Maria Varlokostas
Glen Courtney
Phil Brown
Systematic discrimination as well as corruption by persons in this agency that are known to many members of the public. I can certainly attest to the actions of individuals in this agency where complaints have been made against them including legal actions taken for their actions regarding members of the public.

Note: This agency is worth special mentioning because I regard it as being one of the worst in terms of its human rights abuses. It is a confirmed fact that officers from these two agencies regularly abused the rights of women by procuring sex from these women who are illegal aliens in exchange for their freedom. Their despicable actions are well know to social activists who know of such cases happening. There are stories being told of women being taken to hotels by these agents and after having sex with them are released by them. Other known actions on their part included bribes and extortion. Illegal women in Canada are regularly exploited by these two agencies. The Canadian government's immigration policy is also one of the worst in modern countries today, targeting people of color, those from third world countries and exploiting them in many ways. The personal corruption of agents of these two government agencies are also well known. And in the case where there have been public complaints made against them it included:
Iris Kohler: Adjudicator,Immigration Division
M. Funston: Adjudicator,Immigration Division
A. Beechan: Adjudicator,Immigration Division
M. Bandera: Deputy Registrar Immigration and Refugee Board
M. Torres: Immigration and Refugee Board
Liegh Sokoloff: Immigration and Refugee Board
(All these persons are known for their individual corruption in cases before them and I do not believe that they serve the interest of the public in their current positions). For the Canadian government to be regarded as a country that respect the rights of persons and especially those rights that are protected under international laws it must have a better system in place other than the ones that it has currently that is based on racism and corruption by its members in the carrying out of their public duties. It also included from these two agencies the following persons regarding their personal corruption or questionable conduct while carrying out their public duties.
Brock Mitchell
I.C Green
C. Wheeler
(Note: Other names will be published when they become available)

Adam Sherman
Howard Rubenhoff
Karen Barker
Amanda Yetman
Allison Limerick
Susan Anderson
Brenda Nesbitt
Nicholas Vine
Carleen Thompson
(Note: Will be updated further as more information becomes available)
All the names of these public officials mentioned on this site there have been concerns in regards to their public duties. With all of them it has included the personal interferance on their part while carrying out their public duties. It involved actions on their part that does not benefit the public. Basically corruption. As members of the public you are now aware regarding these persons and that they do not act in the interest of the public because of personal corruption on their part. You can now make an informed choice as to whether to have these persons continue to represent your interests or getting rid of them altogether.
You can email me your complaints of any public or government officials that you want to exposed. I will put their names on this site. The more complaints against such persons the less likely that they will be able to keep their current positions.