Why I do what I do: To expose the actions of the Canadian Governement and its hypocrisy regarding the way that it governs

I have used this blog to showcase human rights abuse in this country, that are being perpetrated currently by the Canadian government, against unsuspecting individuals in this country. I am particularly concerned with the violation of the individual rights and freedom of persons living in this country by the Canadian government and its intention to keep such actions of its human rights violations, away from human rights organizations set up to investigate such actions by the government, or of its intentions to decieve the public in general with its actions, by claiming that such cases of human rights abuse do not exist in this country. It included its disregard for respecting international laws on human rights and for practicing a kind of government that excludes specific members of its society and denying them what are their basic human rights. Those who protest or who exposed its actions are then targeted and the methods used against them are inhumane and included every form of physical and psychological torture that they can used against such persons and get away with, which in most cases they do because often the methods that are used will not be detected, which is what happens in most cases. It leaves its victims lives shattered and destroyed and many are not able to survived this. All methods used against such persons are intended to strip them of their dignity, as a means of punishment by this government and should be classified as torture. It goes strictly against the United Nations Convention Against Torture, but this is of course ignored by the Canadian government agents or agencies who have used this method against the public, where often specific persons are targeted for such treatment .This government also gives broad powers to the police and other government agencies, setting the direction up for the personal abuse by such government or public officials, in regards to the violation of the rights of others in this society, without being made accountable for their actions because of the current system that exist, which offers them immunity from prosecution for their actions against the public. This included also elected officials and even judges and others dispensing the law, who have no regard for the admistration of justice and regularly commit criminal offences against persons whose rights they have ignored in the course of carrying out their public duties. In making these situations public, I hope to bring much needed attention to the corruption involved in the daily operation of the Canadian government and how its actions should now be investigated on an international level because of its disregard for respecting human rights here in its own country.
It should never be allowed to build any museum dedicated to human rights, as it has now declared to do. It is not just the rights of specific individuals or groups that are affected by the actions of this government. I believed that the entire Canadian people are decieved by their government and that most people are unaware of the corruption that is such an integral part of the way that this government functions and is seen in the criminal actions of those government and public officials who have no regards for the public but in furthering thier own personal interests at the expense of the public. Lives are destroyed when these criminals get away with their actions. Because of the way that it is structured, those who are "in the know" continues to act against the public. It is this inner circle that controls how things are done or what are to be done, in terms of the different ways that this government is operated. Discriminatory practices are enforced by the actions of this government, which practices a policy of exclusion against specific people within its own nation. As for its political agenda and the control of power, it is not an electorial process as many might believed, but a very organized and deliberate effort on the part of those who have been elected by the public, who also have been excluded from taking part in the democratic process. Members of the public have been excluded from taking part in political debates and the electoral process, by being banned from including anything on the political agenda, such as those of city council. It seemed that the only thing that gets included, are what the politicians wants on the agenda and not what the public necessarily wants, and especially in regards to changes that are required by the public that those who are elected may not be in agreement with. Other corrupt practices included the awarding of private contracts to corporations that do not deliver in regards to their services. Corporations such as the TTC, Children's Aid Society, Toronto Housing Connections and Toronto Community Housing Corporation which are leeches upon the public, whose corrupt practices have included racial discrimination,such as by the the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC),Toronto Social Housing Unit and others and the mismanagement of funds such as the CAS and others. This is information that the general public needs to be aware of, but most are not aware of this, and so do not hold their government responsible for its actions. They cannot count on the government to act for them because it is too busy looking out for its own interests, which is catering to the elite, and not those of the general public. It is difficult to understand the makeup of the Canadian government without understanding the role that racism also plays in the way that this government operates. It may seemed redundant to repeat it here, as most people are already aware of this fact, but it needs mentioning, because of the fact that those who are often targeted the most, are those of a racial minority in this country and this is not a coincidence either. Of course racism is by far the worst form of discrimination that is practiced by this government, for the simple fact that it is also institutionalized in this country, in the form of systematic racism. The role that this government plays in maintaining this form of human rights abuse is evident in the way that it targets specific members of its society, whether as an individual or as a group. Basically the picture that is often painted in regards to human rights abuse in this country are those belonging to one or more of the racial groups in this country. Those who have accused the government of torture and other forms of human rights abuse are almost exclusively non whites. There is something definately wrong with this picture, in terms of this government's actions and regrding its international image that it has been promoting to the rest of the world, which is that racial tolerance in this country is generally accepted. This is a blatant lie and has nothing to do with the truth. The fact is that just about everything in this society is based along the lines of race, or class and to a lesser degree gender and that you often find human rights abuses involving both by this government, as I and so many others can attest to. This truth is now being told, which has now challenged this government's credibility in the eyes of the world. It may continue to attack persons who advocate on behalf of social justice in this country, but its actions can never be hidden again from the rest of the world as it had hope that it would be.

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