The Toronto Police Targeting of Individuals

The Metropolitan Toronto Police are guilty of some of the worst kinds of atrocities that are committed against innocent persons and especially those it has targeted and consequently it has also committed some of the worst forms of human rights abuse. This has included using methods that are both illegal and intended to cause maximum injury to the intended target.

Not only do they target specific individuals but most of their actions are racially motivated as well. What I want to do is to expose the ways in which they go about targeting specific persons and abuse their rights. My goal is to expose their actions and to show how much they have nothing to do with maintaining the law but in using it as a shield for their own criminal actions as well as a means to go after those in society they have targeted for one reason or another.

When I witnessed the Metropolitan Toronto Police actually breaking the law themselves on numerous occasions I decided to make known some of the ways that they go about doing so and especially in regards to the targeting of individuals for the purpose of setting them up. It has included using methods that are illegal and should never be allowed in a court of law against those persons whom they have targeted. This has included using others to act as provocateurs to enticed the victim to commit a criminal act whereby they can then be charged by the police.

They have also been known to physically abuse and assault individuals and causing them injury. Injuries that are not always so visible but can be regarded as torture because of the effects of it. I am talking here about the use of advance technology at their disposal that the police have also used indiscriminately against such persons including me that should be classified as weapons of torture and is also a crime committed against such persons. This is against the international law on the torture of innocent persons by those means that are employed by the police or the government. Their actions also involved putting those persons in a compromising situation. It is a very frequent tactic of the police that when they want to "get you" that they will create the situations necessary to bring about this about and if you are not a willing target of theirs that they will employ all kind of means to get you by attempting to frame you up and to get you involved with the law by means of entrapment.

They also break the law themselves because the methods used by them in this way are illegal and are not admissible in court. If it can be proven as is often the case that the police did in fact used those methods as mentioned to entrapped the person or to cause that person to commit an offence against their will whether directly or indirectly. The police are protective of the agents they used in this manner. Those who assist them in going after others, they will protect at all cost, even compromising themselves in the process while at the same time attempting to destroy the lives of those that have been the focus of their hatred for one whatever reasons.

When someone becomes a target of the police it can make their lives difficult and for some unbearable. All kinds of people have come under attack from the police but the ones most frequently targeted are those whofor some reason or another are viewed as threats to the system that is the government. Many of those people are just exercising their rights as citizens but have still come under attack. It has included social activists journalists writers and anyone who may speak against the government's actions that they feel are unjust.

When you are targeted by the police or by the government you can be sure that they are aware of just about every area of your life and will try to influence your life through the actions of others. Very few people can deal with this intrusion into their lives and you will see the effects of it in regards to your business or if you are employed your job which they will try to get others to fire you. If you are self employed they will seriously interfere with your business to the point that you are aware of their influence. Your telephone and other electronic equipment such as computer will be bugged.

Telephone calls and emails are intercepted and you are wondering why your business is so "slow" or why you suspect some of your clients of "something you can't really put your finger on but you know its there". It would be good if you have a second talent to earn you money when all other attempts at earning a living fails because that is the intention of those who are behind this to see that you fail. In a recent interview with CBC television, human rights activist and entertainer Harry Belafonte mentioned some of the ways that the government targets those who advocate on behalf of social justice.

According to Belafonte the government's attitude towards those persons is that "our message to you is that if you don't follow in line we are going to put you in prison". Mr. Belafonte's position on the solution to this violation and abuse of people's rights by the government is that "we put you in office and we have the power to take you out of office". The police organization itself is corrupted and exist to look out for their own interests and the interests of those who are also involved in the same activities as themselves. If you find some on the force who are not as yet, into what their colleagues are doing they too soon eventually becomes corrupted and if they try to remain neutral or to not become involved in what most of their colleagues are doing then they are ostracized and some have even been known to get killed (Think of the Mumia case the Black activist and journalist who was framed up by the police)when the conspiracy involving police corruption goes to the highest level. Often that includes going after "special" targets of theirs such as activists journalists and those who they consider as whistle blowers whom I called those with a conscience that they do not have themselves because of their individual corruption.

The police is there to protect the interest of those in power including the government which do not act in the interest of the people all of the time. This is the way that it has always been and they hoped to remain. Those who speak out on behalf of those who are often the target of such a government such as those who are socially marginalized in society then becomes a target themselves. This site is to educate you on how far those in power will go to protect their own criminal actions and often at the expense of the pubic. If you have ever wondered why the police act contrary to their public duty to uphold the law instead of being a perpetrator of it themselves with regards to their corruption it is difficult to decide on any particular reason for that. It could be power alone or some other factor.

Based on the evidence however it would seem that money also and not just power is the motivating factor behind most of their actions. That is why they are often involved with the criminal elements of society. I am not just talking about organized crime that they are often accused of being involved with and the criminal activities that goes along with it but other organized criminal activities on their part that are also carried out and endorsed by the government or rather those corrupted individuals who have used the positions that their jobs affords them to carry out criminal actions against others in society while acting within the capacity of their jobs and people need to know this.

That it doesn't just happen in countries where there are dictators or with governments who are "undemocratic" but even in a so called "democratic" country like Canada, that has a police force that is exclusively involved in the organized torture of persons that they deem to be a "threat" whether that threat is real or not. Often it is not but it is used by the police as a means of controlling the people. Hence the reason why they go after certain people such as those who would make their actions known. Combined, they appear to be all powerful when they go up against individuals. They have the money and the resources to carry out their attacks against such targeted individuals with the result of the subsequent destruction of the lives of those persons that it has targeted.

This needs to be made public. There is currently not much information available on the government's direct actions into the torture of individuals in this country and in my case it may take the form of a book that will go into details about this government's actions agaisnt me directly and also in sustaining a system that discriminates against members of society and of and which also re-enforces a policy of exclusion against them that is both unfair and takes away their natural rights. I do not believe that the actions of this government should be overlooked in regards to its racist policy in disregarding the rights of those in its own country.

Based on this fact it is also necessary to expose its hypocrisy to the rest of Canadians and the world and that by doing so that it will bring about the changes that are necessary that will also provide a more equal opportunity to those in society who are currently excluded from any real participation in this government. Those who this government has elected from such groups and who are involved in politics are mainly tokens and have no real power. As a social activist and a journalist I have more power than they because I can change the way that people thinks. I believe that by educating people on what are the real issues, that they will have the necessary tools, to make their own decisions that will hopefully make things better for themselves and others in this society.

This is what I do as a social activist and a journalist. To present an opposing view, to the ones that are generally accepted which would begin the process of an independent analysis of the situation that exist. This attitude will never change either because a). It is empowering to those who needs it and b). because this method has always existed. I am not afraid of those people in power who believes that they are immune to the rest of the things that most of us has to go through. It provides for a severe imbalance to those others in society who are also deserving of the same opportunities that they have. I doubt if those in power ever acknowledges this fact which is why they believed that things will always remain the same way. These people fail to realise that they are accountable to the public.

Nothing remains the same indefinitely. Things are always changing. The authorities also cannot stop this change from happening, however much they try to do so. I do not believe that the government has the right to treat people in the manner in which it currently does. It is unfair and severely interferes with their individual rights and freedom which are protected under the law. The abuse of power and the targeting of individuals as I have witnessed by this government is also unparalleled and even by those other countries it is also in league with. People need to know this truth and not to believe the lies that they have been told.

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