Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Canada's Human Rights Abuse Exposed!

Victims of political torture in Canada by the Canadian government through subversive actions of the Canadian government have no where to turn. Canada's hypocritical attitude regarding human rights have turned attention regarding its own human rights abuse both here and abroad away from the real concerns involved regarding its own human rights violations. This allows the Canadian government to continue with its practice of violating the United Nations Charter on Human Rights unabated and unchallenged. The individual rights and freedom of specific persons as well as groups of people are regularly infringed upon by the Canadian government but perhaps the one area that needs to be investigated the most is the corruption involving Canadian government officials and public official and particularly in breaking the law. The Canadian government have been successful in its propaganda to avert the real issue of human rights abuses here to other countries. The fact is that the cases of human rights abuses in Canada is so exponentially high in this country, that the United Nations intervention is required now to look into these violations of its charter on human rights by this government. Individual cases that have been brought before the U.N. have been blocked by the Canadian government's attempt to conceal these matters away from international attention. There are many instances of individual cases regarding human rights abuse that have been interfered with by the Canadian government. Those cases have never been heard of in the Canadian media and some have now sought relief by requesting that the United Nations and other international human rights organizations intervene on their behalf. In some of those cases also the Canadian government have also been known to try and interfere with the proceedings through its manipulations. It is serious about not wanting this information regarding its own human rights abuses to get out in order to protect its image internationally. Victims of human rights abuse in Canada and those who have been targeted by the government directly are adamant about bringing these issues to the attention of the worldwide community in order to bring awareness to the problem.