Friday, March 20, 2009


What did the 13 division Toronto Police do when they learned of a threat that was made against me by Donna Laidlow who was in Canada illegally and her family? That police division and these police officers specifically Detective Teeter, Sergeant Coglin and others worked to see that she was not prosecuted and went out of their way to protect her in other ways by not reporting that she was in Canada illegally and was posing a danger to others. They destroyed the tape of the threats that were made against me during their investigation and was working directly with those I was complaining about. This person Donna Laidlow who lives in Toronto and Calgary, Alberta was allowed to remain in Canada illegally because of the direct actions of the police.
The same is true for Georges Guillaume my ex spouse who not only had lied about certain aspects of his identity when he entered Canada and has remained here under false pretences ever since but he has also was worked continuously with that police division in regards to me. For example, he took our daughters 12 and 13 year old at the time to the 13 division police station and laid a private complaint against me alleging that I had slapped my daughters with a magazine during their weekend visits with me some months earlier. The 13 division police then charged me with assault with a weapon even though they also said in their reports that there were no injuries to the alleged victims. They have also continuously tried to set me up and in another incident when a white male (who was drunk at the time)had broken into my home through an unlocked door that police division charge me instead ( I had just two weeks prior to that filed a complaint against them for not investigating concerns regarding my children while in the care of their father). Four times that matter went to trial and three times the witness did not show up for the trial. He cited all kinds of reasons such as he had to work he just can't come which he passed on to a relative to tell the judge at the trial. He also was never injured in the alleged attack against him. He was summoned to show up on the fourth trial date(after not showing up three times previously) but the matter was later dismissed when the (new)judge learned that the 13 division police officer Quiggley who had arrested me was also smoking a cigarette in the police cruiser while making the arrest. (She also conveniently did not show up for the trial as a witness at all four trial dates! but her partner did and was later discredited on the stand by me when I crossed examined her(I had no lawyer so I had to do the trial myself). The charge was dismissed. Nothing came of the investigation regarding that corrupt 13 division police officer Quiggley either.