Allegations Made Against The Canadian Human Rights Commission

The Canadian Human Rights Commission Internet Spying
what that means to freedom of speech in this country and for those who uses the Internet as a form of expression either for personal use or for other reasons. Censorship of the media including Internet contents which are intended to inform or to educate the public on issues including those pertaining to human rights I believed are under direct attacks presently in this country. It would also explain why not until recently has such information in regards to human rights abuse in this country been more available to the public. The reason for this of course is that there has been censorship in regards to this subject and mainly to hide the atrocities that has been taking place here by the Canadian authorities on that issue. More recently however this has changed somewhat with more of this information getting out to the public by those who has had a vested interest in this subject matter for one reason or another. Such individuals myself included having been personally affected by the actions of those who has been perpetrating it and has felt that there was a need for this information to be made public regarding such human rights abuse and the corruption that is also associated with it that are happening in this country at present. So when I recently discovered that the Canadian Human Rights Commission had been accused of spying through the internet on those who has been reporting on such human rights abuse in Canada and others I was very much interested because as you know this is an infringement upon freedom of speech and the right to hold an opionion and even those opinions which may shock or disturb others and this of course should not be tolerated. The person who is alleging all of this against the Canadian Human Rights Commission and he is not the only one doing so however is Marc Lemire someone who although he has been reporting on human rights issues in this country has also in my opinion has had some dubious connections with some very racist groups on the internet such as stormfront a known white supremist group that is also known for promoting racial hatred of others on their website. Even though he is associated with this group by defending those on its website it doesn't take away from the fact that he has also reported on human rights violations in this country even though he may also be a racist himself. I have no sympathy for stormfront on this issue but I do have a concern with the way that the Canadian Human Rights Commission has gone about gathering evidence against those who has used the internet for the purpose for which it was intended which is to state their opinions freely on issues that are important to them and which are also their right to do so if they wish. The alleged internet spying by the Canadian Human Rights Commission to gather evidence against those who has been using this medium to express their views or to educate the public is definately a violation of freedom of speech and the freedom to hold an opinion however disturbing those opinions are. My concern is that although it may have believed that its actions were legitimate for going after that group and others who has used the internet the methods that it has used to do so is in fact illegal and does interfere with the rights of those persons who has used the internet to express their opinions. This violation by the Canadian Human Rights Commission is really an attack against anyone who holds a different opinion and also against freedom of speech. Besides that the Canadian Human Right Commission is a human rights organization that is supposed to protect the freedom that are guaranteed under the Universal Declaration on Human Rights. Including of course freedom of speech. Its history however regarding human rights abuse says something else entirely and you may also find that other Canadians besides those mentioned also has a lot to say in regards to the Canadian Human Rights Commision's other actions and some has taken to trying to enforced their rights against this organization by writing or speaking out about its actions publicly. More information I believed will be coming out about it that I also believed that the public will appreciate. The Canadian Human Rights Commission work hand in hand with others to perpetuate human rights abuse in this country and to ignore the rights of others in this society. If this sounds shocking that a so called human rights organization should be accused of going against its own policy then the public should also know that covert actions has always been taken place by the Canadian authorities against anyone who has tried to exposed its human rights abuse and internet spying is only just one of the many methods that are used against both individuals and groups alike that are targeted. No one will agree with the tactics that are used by them to gather information about those that they spy on because those tactics are often illegal that are used against those persons who goes up against them. Anyone in fact could challenge the methods that are used by those agencies to gather such information. I really did not forsee the Canadian Human Rights Commission as one of those agencies that would violate the rights of others in this way and that would resort to such tactics. Call me naive for thinking that but Human Rights should belong in the area of Human Rights and this organization has no business of confusing those ideals which it has claimed that it stands for and participating in the corruption that it should also be investigating on behalf of human rights. I believe those who says that it is guilty of such actions and the simple reason is that the Canadian Human Rights Commission like countless other organizations that has been set up by the government has had one sole purpose and that is to extend the actions of this government further in the exploitation and the abuse of the rights of those in this society. Including of course furthering the abuse of those people's rights in this country. Internet spying is just one area that is utilized by them for this purpose and the public should know that it has also included these other activities as well. It includes such actions as breaking into people's homes illegally in order to gather evidence against them. Bugging their telephones and also setting up surveillance of such persons all of which violates their rights which has also not been discussed openly before now. This is a chance for those of us who has used the internet to say no to the tactics that are used by those government agencies to suppress freedom of speech and other human rights in this country. Gathering evidence against someone in that manner is always illegal.

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