Tuesday, June 30, 2009


The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights has a mandate to go after those governments that has abused the people in that way. This kind of human rights abuse is taking place by countries all over the world and Canada is no exception. The police and other Canadian authorities has routinely engaged the use of these illegal weapons against the unsuspecting public and causing serious injuries in many cases. The damage is both physical and psychological and the latter is often considered by its victims to be the most devastating. These high energy weapons can be used in close proximity to the victims and are often employed for the use against special targets of the government. They can be directed from other rooms such as other apartments nearby or from cars utility posts and even from satellites way above the earth. Injuries has also been recorded as a result from cancers to other debilitating illnesses as well as the devastating psychological damage to the victim's mind as a result that are also ignored by those professionals who often treats such victims and considers them to be also delusional. This is the very reason why those weapons used are so effective and also deadly. They often leave very little physical evidence and the victims has to contend with those who would rather not believe that this has happened to them. These weapons are no longer a secret as more and more victims are now coming forward with their stories that are also verified by others and are now exposing the actions of those authorities who has violated their rights in that way. These are human rights abuses and those who are responsible whether governments or private individuals should be made accountable for their actions. They should no longer be able to hide what they are doing and the victims should also be compensated for the injuries that they have sustained as a result of those attacks against them.

Monday, June 8, 2009


Canada Park in Israel is famous for its namesake Canada and it is best known for being built by funds to the tune of 15 million dollars that were contributed by Canadians donors among them the Metropolitan Toronto Police Organization for the building of this park on the former Palestinian villages of Yalu, Imwas and Beit Nuba and the Palestinians who were expelled from their homes for this purpose. Today it stands as one of the best examples of the Canadian government's complacency in regards to human rights abuses in other countries as well as its own and should be mentioned whenever the issue of human rights is brought up such as in this government's attempt to build its own human rights museum. The park is also famous for the fact that it lies outside of the internationally recognized borders of Israel and whole Palestinian villages were demolished for the building of this park where the displaced Palestinian villagers were gathered up and placed elsewhere. The Canadian government contribution to other human rights abuses in these other countries as well. The Congo Honduras Somalia Iraq and Afghanistan should also be remembered.
Say No! to Canada building a museum dedicated to Human Rights!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Two Toronto City Councillors Howard Moscoe ward 15 and Janet Davis ward 31 are being investigated for their role in the investigation of two Toronto companies Mintz and Partners and M&P Property Management. Their actions are being looked into by the City of Toronto Integrity Commissioner to see whether or not they had breached their office in the investigation of those companies. Councillor Janet Davis is also the Chairperson for the Committee that had hired those companies. It is believed that both Toronto City Councillors has used their positions to deter the investigation of those companies and public complaints against them. They are also being investigated for other breaches under the Code of Conduct of the Municipal Conflict of Interest Act and the City of Toronto Act that has also included the charge of racism against them. Other City of Toronto public officials who are also being investigated in relations to that investigation are Phil Brown General Manager of the Toronto Social Housing Unit the agency that had hired those companies and Adam Sherman and Howard Rubenhoff Manager and President of those two companies. As a witness to that investigation I will mentioned here what had happened after I had gone to the Toronto City Hall to sign the affidavit in regards to those complaints. Coming home later that day a Toronto police cruiser (13 Division) was parked across from my home. It was also not the first time. By all appearances it would seemed to be an intimidation tactic by them that is also connected with the investigation of those public officials and of those complaints against them that I had also been a witness to and that the actions of the police appeared to be in trying to intimidate me as a witness. That the events are also tied together as it now appears to be and that the police were trying to obstruct justice in regards to the investigation by trying to intimidate the witness in this case me. I've also noticed this same reaction from them whenever I've made any information about them public such as on my blog. A public inquiry into that police division's actions in particular is long overdue. Of course corruption charges against the Toronto police is also nothing new. Just read about some of their other actions below and see for yourself.



Operation Harassment

CBC News
An internal RCMP investigation into the treatment of a Fredericton officer has revealed a campaign of harassment that involved secret surveillance and trumped-up accusations that may be unprecedented in the force's history...

Toronto Star.
September 26,2009
A former Toronto Police sergeant pleaded guilty today to 10 counts of sexually molesting young females. Donald MacCallum, 53, of Mississauga admitted he fondled his victims, some as young as 5, at his home, on his boat and during car pooling ski trips... All of the young girls were friends of his daughters, and at least one called him "uncle," a Brampton court heard today...MacCallum, who was described as "creepy" by one young victim, pleaded guilty as many of his victims and their family members sat in the courtroom. He initially faced 25 sex-related criminal charges but pleaded guilty to nine counts of sexual interference and one count of sexual exploitation involving 10 different victims.

CBC News
September 1, 2009
Former Attorney General Michael Bryant Charged In Death Of Cyclist
"Michael James Bryant, 43 years of age, of Toronto, is now charged with criminal negligence causing death and dangerous operation of a motor vehicle causing death," said Toronto police Sgt. Tim Burrows...Bryant was released under unspecified conditions on his own recognizance... According to police, Bryant was driving his black Saab convertible at about 9:45 p.m. when he and the cyclist became involved in an altercation. Police said the incident quickly escalated. "There was some sort of altercation between the two people involved in this investigation, which has ended in, unfortunately, the death of a cyclist," Burrows said.."The cyclist ended up on the side of the car, holding on, and the driver continued along, driving westbound on Bloor Street." Witnesses said Bryant crossed lanes of traffic to the south side of Bloor Street, still heading west.
Burrows could not explain why Bryant allegedly drove onto the curb."I don't want to try to say why [he] did that, only [he] knows exactly why, but he was travelling westbound in the eastbound lanes," he said. A number of witnesses have come forward, police said. The witnesses said it appeared as though Bryant was attempting to knock Sheppard off the car by brushing against trees and mailboxes on Bloor Street approaching Avenue Road. Burrows said Sheppard was "essentially a pedestrian," having left his bicycle. Police said Sheppard sustained severe injuries after striking a mailbox and a tree while still hanging on to the car.
He was dragged and then run over by the car's rear wheels. Sheppard was rushed to Toronto's St. Michael's Hospital but was pronounced dead a short time later.

Toronto Star
Aug 17, 2009

Police Vehicle Hit and Run Accident
Boy on skateboard hit by police car

A 12-year-old boy was hit by an unmarked police car as he skateboarded in Toronto's High Park neighbourhood...Nearby residents who administered first aid said the boy's injuries looked serious and there was a lot of bleeding as he drifted in and out of consciousness. Paramedics took the boy in serious condition to the Hospital for Sick Children, where he was quickly stabilized. Traffic services is investigating the accident and are looking for anyone with information about it.
Special Note: (In other words the police had fled the scene of the crime)

The Special Investigations Unit, which investigates serious accidents involving police officers, was not called to the scene.

Toronto Police Tried To Dodge Bullet Of Public Inquiry
The report that led to the charges and the Crown's problems
Beating up drugdealers and stealing their money. Shaking down bar owners for protection money. Extortion, obstructing justice, assault, theft, perjury, corrupt practices. The allegations that were levelled against a small but influential group of Toronto police officers were stunning in their breadth...CBC News has been following this story closely for almost a decade...This new information includes the confidential final report of the special, internal task force that had been probing the initial allegations against a number of Toronto officers...(CBC News)

Woman'humiliated' by police
TORONTO - The Criminal Injuries Compensation Board’s decision which was released on Feb. 19 found that "even when no gun was found on the Applicant the use of excessive force persisted." It also found that Nimo Gulleid was a "victim of a crime of assault." (Toronto Star)

The mother of a Toronto police officer arrested in last week's massive drug sweep defended her son yesterday, accusing police of trying to "destroy" her family.
Const. Ioan-Florin Floria, 34, was one of 25 people arrested, accused of helping an Eastern European organized crime group to traffic narcotics. (Toronto Star)

Officer charged
TORONTO - Staff Insp. Steve Izzett faces nine charges under the Police Act, including oppressive and tyrannical behaviour, deceit, abuse of authority and misconduct related to an investigation. (Toronto Star)

Officer demoted
TORONTO - Const. Gail Shields says she doesn't remember what happened after her third beer. (Toronto Star)

Cash flow suspicious
TORONTO - When the RCMP-led special task force delved into the financial affairs of Toronto drug squad officers, the officer in charge concluded there were plenty of unanswered questions about the finances of two of the suspect officers. (Toronto Star) PREVIOUS: RCMP alleged litany of police crimes. Justice Department accused of stalling probe...

Police accused in grow-op
TORONTO - Two Toronto police officers enlisted the help of a real estate agent to buy and sell properties they converted to marijuana grow up operations in order to fuel a massive "criminal enterprise," police said.(Toronto Star)

Police brass said to have blocked internal probe
TORONTO - A Toronto police "whistle-blower" testified yesterday that interference by senior management prevented a special internal task force from probing all evidence of corruption against several members of a now-disbanded drug squad. (National Post)

Ex-officer jailed in Caymans
GRAND CAYMAN - Former Toronto police officer Richard Hanna's international police career has come to a screeching halt in the Cayman Islands where he has been jailed for 15 months for stealing money from schoolchildren.(Toronto Star) PREVIOUS: Former officer bilked school kids

Officer loses assault appeal
TORONTO - A Toronto police officer who was caught on tape sucker-punching a man outside a Rexdale coffee shop was led away in handcuffs when his appeal of the conviction was tossed out of court yesterday. (Toronto Star)

Toronto Police Service has offered a settlement to a whistleblower who accused the force of sweeping internal corruption allegations under the carpet, the officer's lawyer says. (CBC)
Jury acquits officer

TORONTO - A Toronto police officer and his family feel overwhelming relief that a jury has acquitted him of assaulting a demonstrator and concocting a story to cover his tracks, his lawyer says. (Toronto Star)

TORONTO - Racial profiling lawsuits and other civil actions are threatening to drive up the Toronto police force's legal bills just as the Supreme Court of Canada prepares to rule in a case that could open police to even more litigation. (Toronto Star)

TORONTO - The brother of a pedestrian gravely injured in a hit-and-run caused by an off-duty officer says he is ouraged by the man's conditional sentence. (Toronto Star)

Suspended Toronto cop facing new charges
A suspended Toronto police officer charged in a 2004 corruption scandal is facing new charges after allegedly offering cash for sex to an undercover cop Wednesday night. Ned Maodus, an officer with 17 years experience, faces two charges: Communication for the purpose of prostitution. Failure to comply with a recognizance. (CTV News)

Cop faces charges in Mavroudis fraud case
A veteran OPP sergeant, accused of defrauding the Bombardier company of more than $15million, has also been charged with conspiracy and attempting to obstruct justice in a fraud case involving the sale of non-existent Toronto Maple Leafs tickets by Peter Mavroudis of Georgetown.

OPP officer charged in $15M fraud
Sergeant is accused of swindling Bombardier by paying bribes to aerospace firm's employees. Veteran Ontario Provincial Police sergeant has been charged in a conspiracy that police say defrauded aircraft giant Bombardier Aerospace of more than $15 million.
Sgt. Mike Rutigliano, an administrative court officer based at the Toronto detachment in Downsview, was remanded in custody yesterday for a bail hearing tomorrow in Brampton court. (Toronto Star)

TORONTO - Making investigative reports about police public will go a long way in improving the reputation of the Special Investigations Unit(SIU) said former North Bay Police Service chief George Berrigan. (North Bay Nugget)

TORONTO - According to the provincial Police Services Act, hearings conducted by the Police Services Board must be open to the public and notice of the tribunals must be published. The only exception is for prevention of risks to public or personal security. (CBC)

Ombudsman slams SIU bias
Probe of 'toothless' police watchdog
Agency slammed for delays, 'antique technology'... "allowing the police to control its investigations" and adopting an "impotent stance" when challenged by police. "There is no doubt that there is a police bias in their approach to their investigations." André Marin announced a full-scale probe into the civilian agency on June 7, 2007. Marin issued 46 recommendations aimed at the SIU, the Ministry of the Attorney General and the province on how to move forward.(Toronto Star)

What I have to say about all of this:
Knowing that their actions are reprehensible the Toronto police has made those suggestions on how they can improved their badly self induced and tarnished image. I mean how low can you get when you have to steal from a child?. Isn't the police's salary large enough?. Even the lowest of the low normally do not steal from kids but the police? And yet they are out there arresting people every day when they themselves are so corrupted. You will quickly lose faith in the law when you see just how corrupted the police really are. In my case currently they are working day and night to entrap me and giving immunity to those attempting to carry out these actions on their behalf. Its part of the work of exposing their actions. A public inquiry into their actions is of course now a necessity.