Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Two Toronto City Councillors Howard Moscoe ward 15 and Janet Davis ward 31 are being investigated for their role in the investigation of two Toronto companies Mintz and Partners and M&P Property Management. Their actions are being looked into by the City of Toronto Integrity Commissioner to see whether or not they had breached their office in the investigation of those companies. Councillor Janet Davis is also the Chairperson for the Committee that had hired those companies. It is believed that both Toronto City Councillors has used their positions to deter the investigation of those companies and public complaints against them. They are also being investigated for other breaches under the Code of Conduct of the Municipal Conflict of Interest Act and the City of Toronto Act that has also included the charge of racism against them. Other City of Toronto public officials who are also being investigated in relations to that investigation are Phil Brown General Manager of the Toronto Social Housing Unit the agency that had hired those companies and Adam Sherman and Howard Rubenhoff Manager and President of those two companies. As a witness to that investigation I will mentioned here what had happened after I had gone to the Toronto City Hall to sign the affidavit in regards to those complaints. Coming home later that day a Toronto police cruiser (13 Division) was parked across from my home. It was also not the first time. By all appearances it would seemed to be an intimidation tactic by them that is also connected with the investigation of those public officials and of those complaints against them that I had also been a witness to and that the actions of the police appeared to be in trying to intimidate me as a witness. That the events are also tied together as it now appears to be and that the police were trying to obstruct justice in regards to the investigation by trying to intimidate the witness in this case me. I've also noticed this same reaction from them whenever I've made any information about them public such as on my blog. A public inquiry into that police division's actions in particular is long overdue. Of course corruption charges against the Toronto police is also nothing new. Just read about some of their other actions below and see for yourself.