Tuesday, June 30, 2009


The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights has a mandate to go after those governments that has abused the people in that way. This kind of human rights abuse is taking place by countries all over the world and Canada is no exception. The police and other Canadian authorities has routinely engaged the use of these illegal weapons against the unsuspecting public and causing serious injuries in many cases. The damage is both physical and psychological and the latter is often considered by its victims to be the most devastating. These high energy weapons can be used in close proximity to the victims and are often employed for the use against special targets of the government. They can be directed from other rooms such as other apartments nearby or from cars utility posts and even from satellites way above the earth. Injuries has also been recorded as a result from cancers to other debilitating illnesses as well as the devastating psychological damage to the victim's mind as a result that are also ignored by those professionals who often treats such victims and considers them to be also delusional. This is the very reason why those weapons used are so effective and also deadly. They often leave very little physical evidence and the victims has to contend with those who would rather not believe that this has happened to them. These weapons are no longer a secret as more and more victims are now coming forward with their stories that are also verified by others and are now exposing the actions of those authorities who has violated their rights in that way. These are human rights abuses and those who are responsible whether governments or private individuals should be made accountable for their actions. They should no longer be able to hide what they are doing and the victims should also be compensated for the injuries that they have sustained as a result of those attacks against them.