Thursday, August 20, 2009


Victims of Political persecutions in Canada. The targeting and framing up of political activists and the Torture suffered by victims of Human Rights Abuse and Torture by the Canadian Government.
The code of silence by Human Rights Organizations inside of Canada including Amnesty International regarding some targeted individuals or groups within Canada such Blacks, Palestinians and others.
That country's human rights violations has also included the corruption of the police and other government officials and also their abuse of the basic human rights of specifically targeted persons in that country. Corruption at all levels of government is rampant and most are given immunity for their actions that goes against the fundamentals of human rights and the law. The media also has played a role in the lack of unaccountability on their part by being very bias in its reporting of those human rights violations such as racism that are committed by them and which is actually an institution in this country. This is why the public needs to support those who has exposed this kind of hypocrisy on its part by supporting websites such as this one. It will go a long way towards protecting the human rights of persons including the author of this blog who has also come under attack for exposing the actions of those corrupt Canadian government officials.

Suleyman Goven Speaks out on being tortured by Canadian officials (CSIS) Goven was asked to spy on his community by CSIS in exchange for geting his residency in Canada.