Friday, August 14, 2009


The Price Of Freedom In This Country
Why I believed more than ever that this kind of corruption needs to be exposed because it directly jeopardizes the well being of people in this society. I'm going to talk here of one that I know of personally. Why? Because it involves me directly. The conspirators here are all known to me and has played a role in certain actions that were taken against me that were detrimental to me of course. Because of the fact that legal actions has been taken against some of them already and that more legal actions are definitely being considered I don't mind mentioning some of the details (but not all) here. One of those that I believed to be involved in those attacks against me is Adam Sherman. He works for a company called Mintz and Parners that I have already mentioned here on my blog. That company manages the Coop that I live in and it is also funded by the City of Toronto to oversee the everyday management of the Coop as well as other properties or assets of the City of Toronto. Questions has already come up in regards to its activities including promoting racism at the Coop by its own employees such as Adam Sherman (who has also been strangely silent on that issue and as the Manager of the Coop has taken absolutely no actions to protect the rights of those Members who are affected by those actions some of them being called the "N" word and others like me who has been personally targeted and harassed on the direct instructions of Adam Sherman who has also given protection to those Members who has targeted other Members of the Coop and those Members are also white. Other concerns about them has also included the mismanagement of funds and the maintenance of the building. What they (Mintz and Partners)wants to do is to continue to to hold on to their contract with the City of Toronto while at the same time have acted in ways that are not in the best interest of the public. And when a few days ago Adam Sherman was given some documents in regards to an investigation I immediately saw an increased in the harassment by some neighbours which also came as no surprised to me because it is the usual action that has been taken by him in the past as well as now against those who has complained about his actions as well as by the company that he has also represented. I have mentioned those incidences here on my blog because as a member of the public I get tired of those others in this society who believes that some people should not have the same rights that they do and go about ways in which to deprived them of those rights that they have. Exposing their actions publicly I find has served as a deterrent to those publicly appointed persons such as Adam Sherman and others mentioned by me here that goes against public interest. Another one of the conspirators in this I believed is of course the 13 Division Police in my area. It has worked closely with those mentioned directly in the conspiracy against others including me. Again I have evidence to prove my case and has mentioned some already here on my blog. When I first moved into the building I was told this fact by other residents but I had to witnessed it for myself to believe it. The fact is that this information about them and especially in promoting racism against others in this society is definitly true and they have also used intimidation against certain people to keep them and others from taking any kind of actions against them or against those involved such as the Management in this case or against the people that works for that company such as Adam Sherman and others.