Thursday, August 20, 2009

The United Nations Convention Against Torture And The Canadian Government Violations of It

Consider These Facts:
-That the Canadian Government targets individuals and also subjects them to torture that are carried out by Canadian authorities
-Widespread corruption and abuse by Canadian government elected and public
-Systematic racism practiced.
-Denial of the individual rights and freedom which also includes arbitrary arrests
and detentions (often without warrants by the police)
- Suppression of freedom of speech
- The use of illegal methods used against intended targets such as activists
journalists and advocates of social justice in Canada
- Deliberate destruction of their lives or livelihood by the efforts of the
The use of advance technology at their disposal against such targets that causes
them permanent injuries as well as physical and psychological tactics also used to cause them injury
- Disregard for respecting the human rights of persons or groups in its own country
- Creating a propaganda about it true role in human rights violations as part of
its intentions to deceive the international human rights community while carrying
out its torture and abuse of citizens in its own country.
- Disregard for the administration of justice which is totally ignored by the
Canadian judicial system where judges and others who themselves are engaged in
breaking the law and denied citizens their rights to a fair judicial process which is often tainted by racism and bias
- A history of human rights abuse that has been ignored for the most part.
- Continued violation of the United Nations Charter on Human Rights as well as
other standards set by the International Human Rights Courts in its own country
- A deliberate attempt to deceive others regarding its own human rights violations
- A disregard for honoring the international treaties set up to monitor human rights standards in each country
- A racist immigration policy that ignores rather than helps those people of third world countries and especially those from such countries who are seeking asylum in Canada who are deliberately targeted by the Canadian government through this policy against such people and the countries that they are from many of whom are denied their rights under international laws while being in Canada. On the contrary its commitment to those European countries and people from those countries shows the disparity in regards to its international policy in giving aid to those countries.
- All non white people in Canada are deliberately excluded from enjoying the same privileges as whites in this country. This is further enforced by certain racist policies and by the actions of those currently in government. It takes much effort on the part of those communities to be included because there is definitely an agenda by the Canadian government to deny them certain rights that are inherent to them as human beings and as members of this society. Canada practices a double standards both internationally and at home among its own people.