Thursday, September 10, 2009

Canada's Federal Court Orders Repatriation Of Torture Victim Abousfian Abdelrazik

Mr. Abousfian Abdelrazik who had fled Sudan as a refugee and was a Canadian citizen was denied entrance back into Canada after visiting a relative in Sudan in 2003. The Canadian Federal Court has ruled that since 2003 the Canadian government has repeatedly violated Abousifian Abdelrazik’s right to return to Canada and ordered the Canadian government to repatriate the Sudanese-born Canadian citizen within 30 days. Justice Russel Zinn said “Had it been necessary to determine whether the breach (of Adelrazik’s constitutional rights) was done in bad faith, I would have no hesitation making that finding on the basis of the record before me.” The judge also found that the Canadian state had first violated Abdelrazik’s right to return to Canada when it was complicit in his prolonged, indefinite detention without charge by the Sudanese state. Later after his second release from Sudanese prison in July 2006, Abdelrazik became ensnared in an unconstitutional legal-bureaucratic maze with Canadian authorities repeatedly introducing new impediments to his return to his home and family in Canada. More evidence has also come to light in the role of Canada's spy agency CSIS in Mr. Abdelrazik's detention in Sudan. According to one document that was released labeled also "secret", CSIS had asked the Sudanese government to arrest the Canadian man the files had revealed. "Now we have the smoking gun, that our government through CSIS was responsible for Mr. Abdelrazik's incarceration" in Sudan, said NDP MP Paul Dewar.

This is a familiar theme in regards to the Canadian Authorities and how it deals with certain Canadians. They are not all treated the same. It has also repeatedly been in violation of the international human rights law of non refoulement whereby this government has directly played a role in regards to the torture of those persons in countries that they know will definitely torture such persons should they returned but it has also turned a blind eye to this by either sending them back to be tortured by those governments or by not doing anything to return those who are in such countries back to Canada. Other cases similar to this one has also involved those persons who are seeking political asylum in Canada because of persecutions in their former countries. These are also arbitrarily returned despite the dangers that they also face in those countries because of their affiliations. Many of them are also currently sitting in Canadian jails awaiting deportations to those countries that will most likely put their lives in danger and the Canadian government is extremely selective in who it helps and also who it has allowed to be tortured and abused. Itself engaged in such actions when it also finds it necessary. And this is also against international human rights law.