MARIA VARLOKOSTAS is the current Manager of Funds and Risk Management with the Toronto Social Housing Unit and these others. TONI MULGREW, PHIL BROWN, ADAM SHERMAN, HOWARD RUBENHOFF and JANET DAVIS, Toronto City Councillor should be investigated for corruption in how they go about hiring public companies and distributing funds to those companies whose actions are questionable. They also do everything possible to keep those companies on the City's payroll even after it has been proven that their actions goes against public interest. Councillor Janet Davis is the chairperson for several of those committees that oversees the hiring and funding of those companies including also those for the Toronto Social Housing Unit and she has also been instrumental in overlooking public complaints against some of those publicly appointed companies in order to keep them on the City's payroll. As for Maria Varlokostas who is the Manager of Funds and Risk Management for the Toronto Social Housing Unit and in regards to her proven record of keeping on those companies who do not serve in the best interest of the public and her other questionable actions all seemed to be a prerequisite also for her getting promoted with the City of Toronto. They also go about quietly maintaining their actions and when questions arises from the public in regards to their hiring practices which also in many cases has also shown a conflict of interest on their part and in the distribution of funds to some of those companies and how they also go about keeping them on after they have been discovered to have acted contrary or outside of their duties these are also overlooked by them and those companies are kept on indefinitely. The City of Toronto gives out millions of dollars in contracts to private companies each year and many of those that are kept on after their actions has proven to be against public interest has been allowed to do so because of the corrupt practices of those in charged of hiring those private companies. Some of those companies like Mintz and Partners Limited the accounting firm and M&P Property Management Ltd. are also undeserving of those appointments because of their actions or the actions of their employees that are also questionable. Both companies are also run by the larger accounting firm Deloitte which is a global accounting firm which does business also in many other countries besides Canada. And when questions arises from the public regarding their actions these are also ignored by those who has hired them. The Auditor General who is in charged of investigating the actions of Toronto City employees regarding the mismanagement of funds may also have a hard time investigating such companies or the agencies that has hired them such as the Toronto Social Housing Unit because their actions are covered up for the most part (in most cases complaints against them do not get any further than the committee that has hired them and the rest of City Council do not get to hear those public complaints against them)and also because of the conflict of interest that is also present regarding the actions of those City of Toronto employees in regards to their duties to the public and the private agenda that they also maintained which also makes it more difficult to scrutinized their actions which they also seemed to have covered up so well. The corruption also comes from their actions of not only maintaining those companies but also in going after members of the public in ways that are also criminal (such as reprisals) and that also goes against their office as well. They also go about doing so in secrecy by taking measures against such persons that has also violated their rights including in some cases more serious criminality on their part that should also be investigated because it involved further corruption by them and those targeted has to then take measures against them to protect their rights or to exposed them further. A classic example is in the recent reappointment of one of those companies Mintz and Partners Ltd and M&P Property Management Ltd. whose term as the court appointed receiver and manager was expired on August 12, 2009 (in regards to one of the properties that they have managed)but who has managed to keep their current position by being reappointed on August 4, 2009 thanks to those people just mentioned. Those companies mentioned has a very bad track record with regards to their actions and the public. From racism leveled against them to more serious accusations against them directly that has also charged them with more serious criminal actions by either their individual clients or the general public in regards to either them or their employees that also goes against the interest of the public. In order to be reappointed complaints against them from the public had to also be ignored by those in charged of hiring them and keeping them on. Those companies are very rich and has also handled millions of dollars in assets and properties for the City of Toronto and besides being rich they are also very corrupt and are also engaged in taking advantage of those who are in lesser positions than themselves not to mention some of their employees who has also been accused of being involved in some very serious crimes against the public. This is not defamation because all of these accusations about those companies can be proven and some has already been proven. Those complaints against them in regards to their recent reappointment were also never made available to the court (which had appointed them presumably in good faith but more so because no one had disputed their actions in regards to the said properties at that hearing which was also not made available to those who should have had that information) and their actions as the receiver and manager of the assets and properties amounting to millions of dollars or of their other duties as publicly appointed companies were therefore never questioned by the court and so these companies were allowed to carry on with their corrupt practices as usual. Thanks to those members of the Toronto City Council and the several agencies that they have also given autonomous powers such as the Toronto Social Housing Unit to hire such private companies and doing everything in their power to keep on those companies whose actions the public has now questioned in regards to the handling of their public duties or even in their private practice that has also gone against public interest. Those to be blamed for such companies actions are those corrupt Toronto public officials whose conflict of interest is so obvious also in regards to so many of their actions. Like those I've just mentioned. They have also attempted to go after those who has also exposed their actions to the public including me and some of them has also employed ways to go about doing so that are not only criminal but has also revealed their true characters as well.

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