Tuesday, November 3, 2009


A lot of times I get asked the question, of why I chose to exposed the actions, of those who are in charge of protecting the interest of the public, but often do not. In exposing the actions of the corrupt ones, I believed, that it has also served as a deterrent, to them further abusing the rights of the public. This fact is also very evident in the courts, where there has been a lot of disregard for the administration of justice, by some of those judges or justices of the peace, who are involved in dispensing justice. There are many corrupt ones and a few good ones also. By far the majority of them are corrupt and do in fact, disregard, both the rights of the persons who are before the courts, as well as the law itself. It is for this reason also, that, from time to time, I mention here also on my blog, the names of the ones, whose actions also goes against the public. One of those corrupt judges is none other than Justice Frank Newbould of the Superior Court of Justice in Ontario. I mentioned him here because he is one of those judges who also practices systematic racism in the court. Aside from this fact, it has also been observed by me, as well as others, that this judge also has no regards, whatsoever, for the administration of justice in the courtroom. He is also known to ignore evidence and to personally interfere in those cases that are before him. He is also disrespectful of the differences, of some of the people, who has also appeared before him and seemed only to be interested in promoting the interest, of those others like himself, who also goes about trampling upon the rights of others in this society, or whose actions are questionable, because of the corruption involved, in regards to their actions. I am talking here about other public official or guardians of public trust who has also further their own personal agenda at the expense of the public.
The list of judges or justices of the peace, in the Ontario courts, whose actions goes against the public, is actually quite long. As more people are becoming aware of their rights, they are also begining to challenged the actions of those corrupt judges, that has also gone against them. Once they know that their actions will be exposed, perhaps they will also stop infringing upon the rights of the people, who has appeared before them. For a list of more of those corrupt judges in the Ontario courts, I also recommends that you also visit the website called "Canada Court Watch". They have a long list of judges and justices of the peace in Ontario and across Canada, who has also been known to act corruptly and to disregard the administration of justice in those cases before them.