Monday, February 22, 2010


1. Two of the most important human rights abuse in Canada, are the suppression of freedom of speech and also corruption, among public officials.
2. Canada's Human Rights Museum, is also a slap in the face, to those of us in this country, who has also been subjected, to the abuse of our human rights
3. One of the problems of human rights abuse in Canada, is also one, which has also included the use of illegal tactics, against dissidents within that country.
For Example:
The Metropolitan Toronto Police 13 Division has been using illegal tactics against me and others, who they have also targeted, and in my case especially, they are also involved in a conspiracy against me.
The police in this regard, are also friends with those that I've exposed, because of their corruption and they don't like it one bit.
Daily do they watch me and also follow me. Most of the times they are parked across from my home, in plainly marked police vehicles. They usually drive off the moment that they see me leave my home or return.
Each time that I have reported some kind of corruption on my blog the police comes out in full force and tries to intimidate me. The latest of which is the investigation and also the commencement of a legal action against some publicly appointed persons and what that also means, in terms of their actions, eventually.
What I would like to see, is that such individuals, who has engaged in those kinds of activities against the public, also be made accountable for their actions.
Some other headlines of interest to this topic included:
"When Police Targets Activists" by Naomi Klein and "Toronto Police Force Needs Clean Up" by the CBC News.