Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Let me be the first to mention here, that Amnesty International's focus on human rights abuse, does not include a full report on human rights abuse in Canada. Its report on Canada's human rights abuse, is very partial and also prejudice to many different groups within that country, which it has also ignored in its reports and has instead, focused mainly on one group, Canada's Native people. No other groups, are either investigated seriously, or are supported by that organization, which is also why, I would also discouraged the public, from actively supporting it. Because in doing so, you are also supporting its actions against those other groups, which it has also conveniently ignored. For instance, Amnesty International do not support victims of torture, by the Canadian government, or by the police. In fact, that is their official statement, on that issue. It will not invetigate individual cases of human rights abuse, such as torture, by that government or its police. One of the biggest arguments against that organization also, is that Amnesty International, does not get involved, in any case within Canada, unless, it has already been given worldwide attention, in the media. Canadians have been giving to that organization, generously, over the years and it is time that they also consider, seriously, how Amnesty International, goes about helping to protect human rights abuse, in that country, before they dole out further, their hard earned money and give to an organization, like Amnesty International, that does so little, to promote human rights in that country. Here are some of its favourite pitches that are mentioned on its website: Your donation is important, Amnesty International
* Give a gift of stock
* Include Amnesty International in your will
* Special Occasion gifts
* Get an Amnesty VISA card
* Raise Money for Amnesty
My advice to the public. Do a thorough research on exactly how your donation is being spent. Better yet, don't give to that organization at all and please ask it some serious questions, on the issue of its agenda, on human rights abuse in Canada. The victims will thank you for it. On the other hand, some other charitable organizations, such as the Salvation Army, are better deserving of your donations. From helping to provide food, shelter and clothing to the homeless, to other services that they also offer witin the community, including counselling for abused victims, gives them a heads up on such other groups, like Amnesty International, in my book.