Wednesday, March 10, 2010


It is in the interest of justice and also of the public, that I am posting the names and pictures of some of those Judges and JPs here. Needless to say that the ones mentioned here, has also been involved in corruption involving me. but I am not their only target. They are also part of the overall systematic problem that exist regarding the justice system in Canada and also especially in the Ontario courts. Some of the things that they do are appalling. Not all of the names can be added here, but here are a few of the things that they have been accused of. Personal interference in cases before them, including acting in a conspiracy to obstuct justice in those cases also. Practicing systematic racism in their courtroom and denying certain members of the public their inherent right to justice. Ignoring evidence of corruption by other public officials like themselves and having no regards to carrying out their mandate to act in a manner that benefits the public.
One former lawyer, Harry Kopyto, took his complaint about a judge in the Ontario court, altering transcripts and working with the court reporters and administrative staff, to obstruct justice, in this manner, before the Attorney General. This problem is so widespread, that is is often overlooked, by those, who should also be investigating, this kind of human rights abuse. And this is because, it also interferes with, the adminstration of justice, in those cases. Those persons, not being able to get a fair hearing, because of the information, that were also deleted from the transcripts, by both the Judge or JP, and the court reporter, all working together, to obstruct justice. Other Judges like the ones mentioned here, simply go along with the conspiracy to obstruct justice and hoped that their actions are not discovered. I am personally blaming those Judges mentioned here, for acting in a conspiracy to obstruct justice in cases involving me. I have so much proof of this, that I have now prepared my case before the Inter-American Human Rights Court, in order to exposed further, those who have been involved in this conspiracy, to obstruct justice and deny me my rights under the law. I am also writing on behalf of the many others, who have had to live with the negative results of the actions of those corrupt judges and justices of the peace, who has also made light of this matter, by continuing with this practice, that has resulted in further lives being destroyed.
Here is a list of some of the Judges I have blamed personally for perverting justice in my case. Some of the main ones are. JUDGE BETH A. ALLEN OF THE ONTARIO SUPERIOR COURT, who in my opinion is also a disgrace to her race. An African Canadian Judge who has done nothing to improve the prejudice that Blacks face in the courts and has in fact worked against them on occassion. JUDGE MORAWETZ and NEWBOULD, who sits in the Commercial Court and has also acted corruptly in my case, regarding their decisions involving the very corrupted Mintz and Partners Ltd, a court appointed Receiver and ignoring evidence of criminality on its part, and by also ignoring the mandate of their office, to act in the interest of the public, and J. SPEYER, also of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, as well as Justice of the Peace ROBERT WHITTAKER. The list is in fact much longer than I have mentioned and I will, in the interest of justice, post the others here, so that the public can have this information and be educated on how they have dispense with the law.