Monday, June 7, 2010


As the Canadian government prepares to host the G8/G20 summit of world leaders, activists and social justice advocates, are also preparing to protest, loud and clear, about the role of the 20 richest nations, including Canada, and their means also, of continuing with the global exploitation of peoples, within their own countries and around the world. The astronomical amount of money, that the Canadian government, is also willing to spend, on the security of the summit leaders, has also angered many Canadians, who also believed that the money could have also been better spent, on improving the economy and also in helping the poor and homeless, to name just a few of the issues, that are also on the agenda, of many of the protesters. Many of whom are also pushing for more answers, from the government, in regards to the cost, to the Canadian taxpayers, who are the ones that are paying for all of this and who will also see very little of their rights, either protected or represented at the summit. Canadians seemed to be especially incenced at the government, regarding how the 1.2 billion dollars were spent on the security for the G20 summit, including, a 2 million dollar artificial lake, that was built just for the occasion, a gazebo, and other gimmicks, that are also considered to be a waste of money, by the government and were built especially, in order to impress the other countries visiting. Since, also, most of the money, that has also been spent, on the security of the summit, are also unsatisfactorily explained, many also believed that there will be reckoning of the government expenditures, in regards to this, after the summit is over. For now, there are more questions, than answers, on how that money was spent. Protesters are also bracing for what could also be, a violent confrontation with the police and others at the summit. Protesters have also complained about the Canadian security agents, such as CSIS, visiting the homes of some of the protesters, as well as harassment from the police. Since last week, for instance, the police's harassment and surveillance of me, has also stepped up. To the point of following me in marked cars, until they get bored and drives off. That has not stopped those of us who are protesting the G20 summit. We will continue to do so, until our message is heard, loud and clear, about those compelling human rights issues, that are also on our agenda and which also needs to be addressed. In my opinion, one of the issues, that, should also be, at the top of the list, in regards to the government's actions, is also its approach, to using illegal tactics, against those who has questioned it actions, on some of those issues. Such as the intimidation and harassment, that some people have also experienced, for simply speaking out. On June 25-26, 2010, the G8/G20 summit, will be held in Huntsville, Ontario, at the Deerhurst Resort, in Huntsville and on June 26 and 27, 2010, Toronto will be hosting the G8/G20 summit at the Metro Convention Centre, in Toronto. It is also a call for those who are interested, in the protection of human rights, both here in Canada and also around the world, to join in the protest, against the globalization and capitalism, of those G8/G20 countries, and to also get involved.