Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Condemnation for Israel And Netanyahu's Hasty Retreat From Canada

The world has united in its condemnation of the Israeli government and also against its recent actions, against the Palestinians in Gaza. As Israeli commandos stormed a flotilla ship, bound for Gaza and also carrying international aid, to the Palestinians, the Israeli government has also shown, its barbaric actions, by attacking the ship and killing at least 10 civilian aid workers and activists, on board the ship, that was also in international waters, and should also have been safe, from such an attack by the Isreali government. The international outcry, that has also followed the Israeli government's actions, was also understandable and has also confirmed, that, the world will not sit by silently, any longer, at these human rights violations by the Israeli government. It didn't seemed to matter, also, that its government actions, has also become odious to the rest of the world, because of its decisions, to, repeatedly attack, a defenseless people and also in denying them their basic rights, as human beings. For a nation that has also claimed to know, what it is also like to be persecuted, it has shown remarkable little pity for its fellow human beings and must also be judged, by the very same standards, that it has also set for others, in regards to its own actions. Benjamin Netanyahu's hastry retreat from Canada, was also welcomed, by many Canadians, I believed, who are also abhorred, at the Israeli government's actions, in continuing to oppress the Palestinian people, unnecessarily and despite international condemnations for its actions. The hasty retreat by Netanyahu, was also clearly an embarrassment, for the Israeli government, as Canada is also supposed to be, one of its most trusted allies. But in also questioning Benjamin Netanyahu, about the Israeli government's latest actions, against the Palestinians, which also seemed to come as a surprise, to the Israeli prime minister, as it also appeared, that he was also not expecting, this kind of reaction, and to save face, he had to leave, right in the midst, of the international outcry, against his government actions. It is also clear that the world is no longer, willing, to also turn a blind eye, to the plight of the Palestinians. The Isreali government's human rights atrocities, cannot be ignored any longer either. And to prove that the Isreali government, will also not stop its actions, the recent statements of Benjamin Netanyahu, on May 30, after the recent crisis, has also confirmed this. In which he has also re-affirmed, his governmenment's position, regarding the Palestinian situation. He has stated, that, the Israeli government, will not consider, a Palestinian military state. It is like pulling all of the teeth out of a lion's mouth. In other words, it would be, a, completely defenseless nation, and one that would also not be able to protect itself, against any agression from its enemies. And it would also be considered, as, a, "puppet" of the Isreali government itself. Which country would agree to such terms? since it would also be denying it, its basic right, also to defend itself. Isreal wants a weak Palestinian State, or no Palestinian State at all. I think the latter is more correct. It is also stupid, enough, to, also believe, that brute force, alone, will also, guarantee its success and its continued brutality against a defenseless nation. Intelligence is what is lacking, in this situation and on both sides of this conflict. It would be stupid of the Palestinians, to consider the terms, of the Israeli government and also stupid of the Isreali government, not to consider, that, though it appears to be winning, it really is not, and that it is considerably outnumbered in everything and that brute force alone will also not enable its success, in any future actions on its part, against a defenseless people, who is also resolute, in its determination, to also win, and as it appears, will also, eventually win.