Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Investigation Of Toronto Crown Attorney Sheila Cressman

An investigation has commenced, against a Toronto crown attorney, Sheila Cressman, into accussations of corruption, on her part, in regards to the commencement of a hearing, recently, and also in the dismissal of the charges against the accused, in which she, as well as the assistant crown attorney, Dimitra Tsagaris, dealing with the case, has also claimed, that they had not received, any (further)information, about that case. This information was also relevant, to the hearing and it is also believed, that, they have also acted together, on this, in order, to also have the charges dismissed. The charges against them, is, that they did received, the information and also willfully, withheld, that information, from the judge, in order to have those charges dismissed. This is just another charge of corruption, and investigation, against a Toronto crown attorney, which has, also, now become fairly frequent, by members of the public. These kinds of corruption charges, against a crown attorney, in either influencing a case, or in other actions on their part, that has also resulted in a miscarriage of justice, is one, that, the public, is also, trying to overcome, by also, enforcing, the protection of their rights, in that kind of situation. Over the years, Toronto crown attorneys, have also had, a number of charges, levied against them. Most of them also accusing them, of racially motivated actions, on their part, that has also influenced a case negatively, or of personal interference, in other ways, that has also resulted in a miscarriage of justice for the public.