Thursday, June 17, 2010


What is the real reason for the Toronto police, city officials and the Canadian government, to shut down a busy cosmopolitan city, such as Toronto, and also putting thousands of people and businesses out of their homes and workplace, just to also accommodate some world leaders? What are the real issues at stake here? It could surely not be, because ordinary people, are simply exercising their democratic rights, to protest against that government's actions? Is that any reason for the Canadian government, to go to such lengths, to try and stop them?. If the Canadian government is really interested in making amends in regards to its own human rights violations, why not allow the people to protest on those issues, as they also have a right to do? I don't believe that the G20/G8 summit in Toronto, on June 25-27, has anything to do with the protection of human rights, by those leaders. In fact, it is quite the opposite. And if the actions of the Canadian government, recently, in suppressing the people's right, to freely express themselves, is also any indication, then there should also be a cause for concern, by all those who are interested in both freedom and democracy. The agenda of the G20 summit leaders is to do exactly that. To use force against anyone who oppose them or their actions. They should also be reminded, that, it is also the people, upon whose shoulders, that they also stand. People who are now willing to hold them into accountability, for their actions, that many also believed, do not represent the interest of the majority, but of only a few. Those who have also exploited the people on their own, or has worked with these governments to do so. Big corporations, who are only interested in the profit that they also make, by exploiting those who are weak or vulnerable, among the different nations. Canada is also included in that category. Many people would love to see a curb, in the corruption, that is also practiced, by this government, which has also severely impedes upon the rights of many, in this country, and that is what I and others, will also be protesting, at this G20/G8 summit. We want to see the government's actions, changes, from one that caters to an oligarchial society, to one, in which the rights of all people, are also represented. Not just the rich and the powerful.