Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Toronto has hosted the G20 Summit, that has now come and gone, but the actions of the police, in abusing the rights of both the protesters and non protesters alike, will also remained, as one of the other highlights, of the summit. Canada, is also now officially recognized, as also being a police state, in the eyes of many. Not that this has surprised some people, who has known this all along. That the police has had too much power and are also willing to abuse that power, as they have also demonstrated at the G8/G20 summit, recently. Many human rights abuse also occurred,
in regards to their actions as well. Some of their actions included the following:
The police were randomly carrying out illegal searches on people on the street and if they could not produced any identification, they were also arrested on the spot. Those arrested, were also denied access to a lawyer, or even to make the usually, mandatory, telephone call. People detained because of the protest, were also denied access to food, water or medicine, for several hours after they were arrested and many were also kept on the street, where they were also arrested, in the pouring rain, for at least five hours, after they were arrested. The police also arrested people indiscriminately, including the media and the journalists, that were also there. No one was immune to being arrested by the police. Because some violent acts were also committed, which some people, including me, also believed, were also orchestrated by the police, using their agent provocateurs, to carry out those destructive actions, either to gain sympathy for the protest, or to show that their own actions were benevolent, towards the protesters, or because of the fact that the international media, were also present in Toronto, during the summit. The police at first pretended to act restrained, even standing idly by and watching the destruction going on about them, but as soon as the leaders of the summit, had barely left, they resorted to such brutality, and human rights abuse, that it has also shocked most Canadians. Their first action and human rights violation at the summit, started when they secretly re-enforced, an old law, under the war act, that would also allow them, to indiscriminately arrest, anyone, that they feel like arresting. That has included, one thousand protesters and non protesters alike, that were arrested by the police, during the summit. The Protesters, who also has a legitimate right, to protest, and also unmolested by the police, were also denied that right and many of them were jailed for trying to exercise that right. The police also followed this up, by also abusing those that they had arrested and also causing injury, to some, as well as mocking and taunting others. While the police were acting thus, the politicians were also silent and some, like Toronto's mayor, David Miller, were actually praising the police's actions at the summit. A clear indication, also, that both the police and the government, has worked together, to carry out those human rights violations, that were evident at the G20 summit. It has also, since been revealed, that the police did not have the powers, that they had weilded at the summit, in Toronto. Police did not have the power, to arbitrarily stop and arrested anyone, if they could not identify themselves to the police. The police also claimed, that almost half of the one thousand people, who were arrested at the G20 summit, were later released without a charge. The police also feared legal action, from the hundreds of innocent citizens, who were arrested during the summit.