Thursday, August 26, 2010


Phil Brown

The investigations into the actions and often criminality of Toronto city officials, is nothing new to the public. My personal request for an inquiry regarding some of them recently, should also not surprised anyone either. After all, corruption is a regular business with them. Exposing corruption is also what I do here on my blog. The subjects of this inquiry has included, Phil Brown and Maria Varlokostas, who is mentioned numerous times, here on this blog. Others included Howard Rubinhoff, president of Mintz & Partners and other employees of that company, Karen Harwarth and Adam Sherman. The investigation also included another publicly appointed company, Kehilla and some of its employees and the criminal actions involving them, as I'm also alleging here, as well. That investigation also surrounded the issues relating to their actions against me personally and also the public. All of them has also denied any wrong doing, which is also subject of this inquiry, that will also, hopefully, restore public confidence in their office, that is currently being occupied by those criminals and yes, I did call them criminals, because of their actions, which are also the subject of this investigation. For example, those persons mentioned, has used their positions or influence, to carry out attacks against me personally, and has acted in other ways, that are also contrary to their office. I have made a request to the Senator, Ann Cools, to also investigate their actions and to help with the investigation of the inquiry against them. Some of the areas of investigation, included breach of public trust, conspiracy and corruption on their part, for which they would also, have liked to go away quietly.