Friday, August 20, 2010


I Am Black and Also A Human Rights Activist.

To Understand what the agenda of the police is, in regards to the subversive
actions, on their part, against anyone who also speak out against them, or the government, right or wrong, is to also know what it is like, to become a target of them, like I am. With this in mind, they also set to work in carrying out their attacks, against those persons and almost always, gets away with their actions, because these are also carried out with such secrecy, that it is sometimes hard to prove, their involvement in this.

For me, they have also made themselves quite clear, in how they have also managed, to carry out those attacks against me. Most of this is done in my home and they have also used the people around me, to help with those attacks.

I know of many other human rights activists who are also targeted in this way, and it has never really mattered to the police, either the color, ethnicity, or race, of those that they have targeted. The tactics are all the same. This has also shed a new light, on how both the police and also the Canadian government, has carried out those kinds of human rights abuse, that it has also tried to cover up. It is no different from any other repressive governments, that has also used those means to silence critics of the government.