Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Blog Harassment

There has been some harassment, in regards to the functioning of this blog.
If you are unable to view the videos posted on the right, it may be due to the interference of those who do not want you to see it. If you are patient, the right pictures will eventually appear for you to view. I also apologize for any other "malfunction", regarding the text, or videos that are posted on my blog.

Re: The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights

Canadian Government Influencing Is Apparent
In Some Cases.

It seem that the Canadian government is blocking the effort, to have its actions investigated for human rights abuse, in my case. The IACHR has been delaying its actions, in taking precautionary measures against Canada. Canada is also one of its donors, contributing the second highest amount in funding, to that organization directly, with over $853,000.00, in donations, to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, and I also believed that this is the real reason, for the IACHR's reluctance to find that country, in violation of human rights abuse. If you are one of its other donors/sponsors, or observers, take notice of this, because it is being selective, in which government it goes after, regarding human rights abuse. It is suppose to uphold human rights standards in all of the member States of the OAS, or the Organization of American States, including Canada, and not be bias regarding some of them, like the Canadian government, who can also buy its way out of anything. It also shows how far this government influence can reach.

Most of the time, it tries to take up positions with those human rights organizations, then also uses that to hide its own offences. Aside from the United Nations, most of those other human rights organizations, are also reluctant to hold that country accountable for violating human rights standards.