Friday, December 10, 2010


My Advice on this topic: "Don't Go Looking Elsewhere."
"Look in your Own Backyard."

It is important for the truth about human rights abuse, and the other kinds of injustices, that are also associated with it, to be exposed. No country which has contributed to it, deserves protection and this is why it is also important for the actions of such countries, like Canada, to also be given international exposure, for carrying out those kinds of actions, against the many people that it has also targeted, unfairly. Whether they are individuals or groups of people. There is a mass cover-up of its actions and this is also done by the international human rights agencies, who are also to be blamed. In the meantime, the corruption that is also, so much a part of its human rights abuse, and that is also experienced by many, has also continued. I would personally like to see that this kind of corruption, is also eradicated. When you have corrupt judges, and prosecutors, who has no regard to the administration of justice, or the principles that go with it, and also the corruption of public officials and politicians, who also openly carries on with their corrupt practices, then you know also, about some of the kinds of barriers, that people also face in that country. This is something that is also happening all over the world, but my focus is in Canada, because no one has taken the plight of victims of human rights abuse, in that country too seriously. For instance, victims of torture, often face both physical and psychological abuse. And this is also done on many levels, and are also carried out in different ways. Whether by police agencies or even institutions. Other kinds of human rights abuse, are also evident in the systematic racism, that is also the backbone of this country. My goal is to expose these kinds of human rights abuse, to the world and hopefully it will also provide those victims, myself included, with some kind of justice.