Thursday, December 9, 2010


The Attack Against Julian Assange, Is An Attack
Against Freedom Of Speech.

Journalistic Freedom Is Being Jeopardized, By The Actions Of
The So Called Democratic Countries, Who Want To Hide
Their Own Corruption.

The latest incident, involving Wikileaks, shows clearly that governments are
abusing their powers. Freedom of speech is under attack, by those same governments, because they do not want their actions to be exposed. If governments are ultimately answerable to the people, which is what democracy is supposedly all about, then why are those same governments angry, when their actions are revealed? Could it be that those actions, actually present a different version of the truth, that they also do not want the people to know about?

The recent attacks by the U.S. and other governments, against Wikileaks and its founder, Julian Assange, sets a dangerous precedent to be followed by others, regarding Wikileak's actions of reporting on their actions. Is that not what the media is supposed to do? It is also clear that freedom of speech is also under attack from them, because they are also trying to contain, or to censure, the information that comes out, regarding their actions. Most of which also do not contain the truth either.

I support Julian Assange right to freedom of speech and I am also against those governments, such as the United States, efforts in trying to silence him. Assange Wikileaks, was just the medium that has reported the facts, concerning those government's actions. What about the persons who has shared this information with Assange?. Why should the media be penalized for reporting information that is given to them? Most of the information that Wikileaks has exposed, has dealt with the past actions of those governments, and I cannot see how this would also jeopardized their security at the present time.

Clearly, their persecution of Assange, stem from their embarassment, over their own actions and wants to make an example of him. If those governments, like the U.S and others, succeeds in this effort, that is definitely,also, the end of journalistic freedom and freedom of speech and we cannot afford to let that happen. This blog and others, are dedicated to exposing the wrong actions of governments and their corruption and they might pick us off, one by one, but united we also stand, against these undemocratic moves by them.

Since Monday December 6, 2010, when I have reported on this blog, certain actions
that are being taken by me, and when also, the whole circumstances, regarding Wikileaks and Assange has exploded, the Canadian government has also quietly, taken steps to silence me. I've seen steps that were taken, by certain individuals and the Canadian government, because of certain revelations that I have also made, in regards to their actions, on my blog. Look for my video that I will also be posting on YouTube, to expose the conspirators, involving this latest action. This blog is dedicated to exposing the Canadian government's human rights abuse, in that country and elsewhere and it will continue to do so, despite the attacks against me, by that government.

We are part of a global community, that will not shut up, or be silent about government actions, that are also contrary to what the people either wants, or also believe in.