Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Why I am now seeking asylum and protection, from political persecution, by the Canadian government, for my beliefs.

The conspiracy to deny me the same rights as others, and also to abuse those rights, is mindboggling. It is also the reason that I have now sought a reprieve against such actions, from this government, regarding the abuse of my human rights, by also seeking asylum from this kind of persecution, by the Canadian government. It also cannot escape anyone, regarding the motivation for the persecutions, that I have gone through, including torture, and the corrupt actions of that government against me. As a human rights activist, it is clear that my beliefs were also a factor, in how I was treated. Speaking openly about human rights abuse in Canada, has also made me a target of that government directly. Racism has played a central role in those actions against me as well. Bringing the known perpetrators to justice, as I am also doing, before the International Criminal Court, is also a factor in this government continual abuse of my human rights. How the IACHR and other so-called international human rights governing bodies, has also contributed to the Canadian government's abuse, of human rights victims in that country and the corruption that is also involved regarding to its actions, to not hold that country, in the same light as it does, for other OAS members. Some human some rights activists, such as myself, now has to take drastic measures to get the protection that they need, in order to protect their lives. I am also committed to exposing all of those involved and who are known to me, in carrying out those atrocities against innocent people in that country.