Friday, December 10, 2010


Rob Ford's Campaign Is Based on Change.

Outgoing Toronto City Councillors, Also Leave Packages
Of Gravy, As A Symbolic Gesture, For The Incoming Ones.

Toronto's new Mayor Rob Ford, who was recently elected, has his work cut out for him, if the outgoing Toronto City Councillors actions, are any indication of what's in store for him. As a symbolic gesture, outgoing Toronto city councillors, leaves packages of gravy, for the new incoming ones. He will also have a hard time, cleaning up corruption at city hall, because Toronto City Council and the many different agencies that it also funds, which in turn funds other private corporations, will not give up so easily. It is hard to get some of them off of the "gravy train" of tax payors. They will do anything, some of them, to keep their multimillion dollar contracts, with the city. It is an endless cycle of corruption. Some people are hopeful, though, in regards to Ford's term as Mayor. They have also claimed, that, Rob Ford is the first Toronto Mayor in many decades, to also not be supported by any businesses, and some people are thinking, that this is also good for Toronto. Ford has also chosen a new staff. Some of the old corrupt city councillors has left, but not all. One of the ones, that I would have liked to see go, is Councillor Janet Davis. As you know, I have reported on her actions, here on my blog previously, along with Howard Moscoe, who thankfully, is now gone. But the corridors of Toronto City Hall, still rings with the same old tunes.

It is not difficult to understand why some of those city councillors, has also been re-elected. They are really needed to carry on, with the same old bull shit at city hall. Besides, they have also fought long and hard, personally, in order to keep their jobs, because it is so lucrative and also beneficial, for them. When the old ones had left, leaving behind a most memorable and also identifiable symbol of their corruption, packages of gravy, for the new incoming staff, it was also one of the worst public display of vulgarity, and also a show of personal greed, that most people can also think of. I also hope that the new chair, of the Toronto Transit Commission, or the TTC, can also make the system better for its riders.

What I would have also liked to see with the new turn over, included. Change #1. A new Toronto Police Chief, other than Bill Blair. Who can forget how he has implemented the new secret "law", arbitrarily arresting innocent citizens and preventing them from exercising their rights to protest, which we now know, was also unconstitutional, during the G20 summit in Toronto, last summer. Another one, that has kept his old job, is Phil Brown, manager of the city of Toronto and his whole bunch of corrupt staff, at the Toronto Social Housing. One of the corporations that it funds, The Toronto Community Housing Corporation, has a host of buildings, that are also plagued with problems, for low income families. You have to also wonder, where the millions of dollars, in tax payors money are also going, with the reduced services to the poor, that the Toronto Social Housing and the Toronto Community Housing Corporation (TCHC), are also not providing. What they are really doing, is to keep on those companies and people, who are not really providing adequate services for low income people. One of the main reasons, that I believed, that Phil Brown should also be fired as manager.