Since Canada is one of those countries that has signed the U.N treaty against torture, imagine how this new revelation about its own actions, that are also coming out, concerning its police agencies, being engaged in the torture of people in that country and other places. It is beyond embarrassment at this time and it should also be held accountable for breaching that treaty.

Last January, The Toronto Star reporter, John Sewell, wrote an indept article, on Toronto's police corruption. Sewell wrote that "For the public, the silence means that police corruption in Toronto is a fact of life that no one in a leadership position can do much about. That's a pretty chilling message" He has also not said anything, that the public did not already know about.

For the 13 Division Toronto, along with other police agencies, to be allowed to carry out attacks against me, without also being properly investigated and charged for their crimes and corruption, is also an indication of how utterly useless the many agencies which exist and are also supposed to keep this kind of corruption under control, are in actuality, totally inept, at carrying out such duties, or of reinforcing the public trust in their ability to do so.
As a human rights activist, I cannot re-count the amount of times, that the Toronto police, has been implicated, in the targeting of me and of also violating my rights. I have now put the blame on them, for also being involved in carrying out torture, against me. There are also plenty of evidence against them for that. For one thing, they have also worked very closely, with others, including the management of my building, for many years and together, they have both engaged in carrying out, some of the most brutal actions against me. If the police were also not directly involved, which they will also claim, then they were also being complacent about it, by also not investigating those who were resposible, for carrying out those actions against me.

This would make them, also, indirectly involved and also responsible, for those crimes against me. But actually I'm being nice, or rather faceticious about it and I know for a fact, that, they are directly involved and that it is also part of the covert operation that is being carried out against me, by the Canadian police agencies, which also involved the local 13 division police. They have also made my life a living hell. Imagined being harassed and stalked by the police, in your own home, daily? Imagined also being followed and watched, 24/7, around the clock, by either them, or their agents, each time that I either leave or enters my home, and that this is also done openly?.

Some of their actions are even racist, but that is the least of my concerns. What concerns me the most, are the other activities, that are being carried out against me, which has also endangered my safety and on a daily basis. Because I also hear from other targeted individuals, some of them activists like myself and others, concerning those same actions by the police, I have also put them all together and into the proper perspective and has also concluded, that, they and indeed this government, are actually carrying out the torture of people in this country. I am fortunate that my children are also not with me, all of the time, because I also consider what they are doing, to be not only illegal, but also quite dangerous, to me and anyone else living in my home.

There are some rogue cops on the Toronto police force and some of the worst ones are located with the 13 division Toronto police. Some of their most frequent actions in regards to me, has included, the unusual delays on their part, in responding to my complaints, including 911 calls, which they have also taken hours to respond to and has also endangered my safety even further, including one such incident, recently, where my life was also in imminent danger. When the police did not show up, I also contacted my family and related to them the events that were also occurring. It was only then, that the police actually showed up. Because of this fact, I say to the Toronto Police 13 Division and all of the other police agencies, who are also involved, in carrying out those attacks against me. They are all BRUTES!
I say to those stinking swines. Stop your brutality.
Stop your corruption against me and
Stop trying to destroy my life!
Stop instigating others against me, that you have also used as your agents and stop enticing me to break the law! It is called entrapment. Stop carrying out attacks against me in my home. This police division, has continuously acted corruptly, where I am concerned and is always looking for ways to set me up. They need to know, also, that their actions will not shut me up. Neither they, nor any of the other Canadian government agencies, who are also involved, will prevent me from exposing the truth, regarding their corruption, involving human rights abuse in this country. They are all wasting their time, if they also believed, that by attacking me and subjecting me to all kinds of human rights violations, that this will also, prevent their actions from being exposed.

The criminal actions by the Toronto police, has also made them liabile in most of those cases, including also, causing injury to those victims and those are also two of the most frequent claims, that has been made against them, in the last few years. So far, the Toronto police has paid out more than 30 million dollars, in claims, that has also been filed against them, by the public and in my case, has also made them a defendant, in my claim against them, in the International Criminal Court, concerning their violation of my human rights. The biggest danger that I have faced, from the police, has included those relating to my safety. This is also not a small matter, since my health and safety are jeopardized on a daily basis. Due to their covert operations against me, I cannot have any peace in my home, day and night, because of those reasons. It also included them making use of a vacant unit above mine, to also carry out those activites against me. From tapping on my ceiling at night, to using some kind of elecronic sounds to create loud noises, which of course also interupts my sleep. Sleep deprivation, which is also a part of their goal. The other, is to also traumatized me by their ongoing activities, which is also intended to "break me." Their ongoing targeting and criminal actions, in regards to me, has also put them in the spotlight. I believe that I cannot exposed their actions, enough and will also continue to do so, here on my blog and other places. Generally speaking, these kind of actions, by the police, are also reminiscent of a despotic government, where the rule of law is nonexistent and the rights of the people are also ignored and which in reality, is also a police state. The truth is, also, that any oligarchical society, including this one, also requires such a police state, and human rights abuse, is actually the least of its concerns.

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