Thursday, February 25, 2010


Mark Siboni, a corrupt City of Toronto lawyer, has billed the City of Toronto and taxpayors for legal defense, in a personal liability claim, against the defendants, in a lawsuit that was filed against them. The Defendants, Tiffany Woodfield, Adam Sherman and Howard Rubenhoff, were all named in the lawsuit for their personal actions, in carrying out attacks against the plaintiff, me. The City of Toronto and Maria Varlokostas, former Acting Director for the Toronto Social Housing Unit, are also named in the claim and besides the city's employee, Maria Varlokostas, in this claim, the other indiduals mentioned, who has worked not for the City, or even for the company that was hired by the City, but for its subsidiary company, M&P Property Management Ltd., a private company, has also had their defense paid for by the taxpayors in this civil case, which is also usually not covered by legal aid. Thanks to Mark Siboni, their legal defense is also being paid for by the taxpayors, for personal actions that were committed by them, against a member of the public. And while some of the defendants, such as Mintz and Partners Ltd, are also agents of the Crown, the Proceedings Against the Crown Act, still does not protect them from such a liabity that arises out of their own personal actions that may have resulted in the injury of another member of the public. It is the same for those City of Toronto employees, who are also not protected under that Act from such a liablity, while carrying out their public duties and this is a means of also protecting the public from any actions from them, that were also made in tort against the public. The background information for the legal actions taken against them, is that the City's employee Maria Varlokostas, Funds Manager and one time Acting Director of the Toronto Social Housing Unit, has renenged on her responsibilty to protect my rights as a member of my coop (it goes back even further than that)and has also worked with the other defendants, to carry out attacks against me that not only were injurious to me, but has also interfered with those rights that I have, that are also protected under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom. Since this lawsuit was initiated by me, the police in the area where I live, 13 Division Police, has also stepped up their harassment towards me, watching me and following me and intimidating me in other ways, proving that they are also directly connected to the conspiracy involved in those actions against me. Some of the defendant's actions against me were related to the carrying out of their public duties and others were direct personal attacks on their part. All of which has violated my rights under under the law. In their arrogance, they had also failed to file a defense, in the time also alloted to them by law. Realizing that they no longer has a legal defense, they have also resorted to other means and has also acted corruptly to pervert justice in this case. The question is why should the public pay for their legal defense in regards to their personal liability, in this case against another member of the public? They also most likely, do not want this fact to be made public either, which is unfortunate for them, since all court proceedings are also public information, unless banned. Others who have also acted corruptly in the case involving the defendants, has also included these Judges of the Superior Court of Ontario. Judges G. Morawetz and F. Newbould.

More Legal Aid Denied to Ex-Cop
Ex-cop who ran up $1.2M in legal aid denied more cash for appeal

TORONTO — Ontario's top court has denied a convicted murderer who ran up a $1.2-million legal aid bill more taxpayer funding for an appeal.
Constable Richard Wills was convicted in 2002 of the first-degree murder of his mistress Linda Mariani.
Wills, a former Toronto police officer and one-time self-described millionaire, systematically divested himself of his assets and then applied for legal aid.
He made an application to Ontario's Appeal Court for funding to provide legal assistance with his appeal, but the court dismissed it.
In a judgment released today, the court writes that Wills is a "well-educated man" with long experience in the justice system and is capable of presenting his appeal without a lawyer.

Sexual Misconduct of Canadian Immigration and Citizenship Official
February 23,2010
TORONTO- A Canadian Immigration and Citizenship Judge is on trial for Sexual Misconduct regarding a Refugee claimant.
The Adjudicator accused of sex bribery was seen on video meeting with the refugee claimant. The immigration judge was on trial for allegedly offering to approve the refugee claimant's application in exchange for sex and had told the woman it's all right if they "do things together on the side," court heard Tuesday.
Steve Ellis, 50, has pleaded not guilty to breach of trust and an Immigration and Refugee Protection Act charge of bribery. "Mr. Ellis has the power to decide about my application of refugee claim," Kim said through a Korean interpreter. "I had to kind of decide between the status of my refugee claim and the relationship between Mr. Ellis and me." Ellis was the adjudicator at Kim's refugee hearing in 2006. After he twice visited her at a restaurant where she worked, Kim then 25 years old and her boyfriend secretly videotape her third meeting with Ellis.
"I want to be good friends with you, and I know you've got a boyfriend," Ellis can be seen and heard saying on the video, which was played at his judge-alone trial. "I've got a wife, so I mean, if we do things together on the side, that's OK."..."Are you good at keeping secrets?" Ellis asked at the meeting.
"If you do this and it's shown that I did this for improper purposes then you're screwed, too. Definitely don't tell your boyfriend."
Ellis can be seen telling Kim he initially was going to deny her application, but that "for some reason I can't say no to you, I don't know why... You're a really special person." Ellis is also a former Toronto City Councillor and lawyer who was appointed to the Immigration and Refugee Board in 2000.
In my November 2008 article I mentioned that vulnerable women, some of them who were also illegally in the country, were being pressured into having non consensual sex with Immigration officers. Some were taken to hotels and were forced to engaged in sexual intercourse with those officers in exchanged for their freedom.

Monday, February 22, 2010


1. Two of the most important human rights abuse in Canada, are the suppression of freedom of speech and also corruption, among public officials.
2. Canada's Human Rights Museum, is also a slap in the face, to those of us in this country, who has also been subjected, to the abuse of our human rights
3. One of the problems of human rights abuse in Canada, is also one, which has also included the use of illegal tactics, against dissidents within that country.
For Example:
The Metropolitan Toronto Police 13 Division has been using illegal tactics against me and others, who they have also targeted, and in my case especially, they are also involved in a conspiracy against me.
The police in this regard, are also friends with those that I've exposed, because of their corruption and they don't like it one bit.
Daily do they watch me and also follow me. Most of the times they are parked across from my home, in plainly marked police vehicles. They usually drive off the moment that they see me leave my home or return.
Each time that I have reported some kind of corruption on my blog the police comes out in full force and tries to intimidate me. The latest of which is the investigation and also the commencement of a legal action against some publicly appointed persons and what that also means, in terms of their actions, eventually.
What I would like to see, is that such individuals, who has engaged in those kinds of activities against the public, also be made accountable for their actions.
Some other headlines of interest to this topic included:
"When Police Targets Activists" by Naomi Klein and "Toronto Police Force Needs Clean Up" by the CBC News.

Thursday, February 4, 2010


It is interesting to recount here that Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu or Deloitte for short, who has been investigating corruption in business, has also itself been investigated for the same practices, through one of its subsidiary company, Mintz and Partners Ltd, a publicly appointed Toronto firm, now being investigated for corruption, including for breach of public trust and conspiracy regarding its employees. Are they trying to take the spotlight off of themselves in regards to their own actions? It will also show that some of Deloitte's employees, who has a background in law enforcement, such as Peter Dent, who has also been linked to the RCMP and other police agencies and has used his extensive knowledge to investigate other companies, besides his own, should also ignore the fact that his own company, Deloitte, is also not above such actions itself. This is also where abuse of the system and also of information, comes in, when those who are doing the investigation of others, comes under investigation themselves and who likewise, also, believe that they are also exempt from such investigation themselves and because of their connections. The belief that money and power, is also a means of protecting their own actions, when those actions has gone against the public, is also false. Deloitte is an international company and with an annual revenue of over 26 billion dollars US. Its servives has included those relating to finance, including audit, tax and consulting. It has also worked with governments around the world, as mentioned, in the prevention of corporate corruption, using the information that is available to them, to investigate others. It would seem that they are also "untouchable", in their own eyes anyway, in regards to its own actions. Does this company wants its international image to be "mudded" because of the actions of those other companies who are also linked to it? And who also believe that money and power is everything. Some of those companies like Mintz and Partners, who has carried out corporate terrorism and other actions, that also goes against the public. In my opinion, one cannot separate the two, in regards to their actions. I have personally seen how corrupt those companies really are. Once the public has knowledge of their actions, they should also be exposed. I also believe that too much influence on the part of those companies, with government and others, has also directly contributed to its corrupt practices.