Friday, January 7, 2011


Government covert operations often includes the use of some illegal weapons, which are also directed against innocent people. Its use are illegal, because they often has no legal authority, to carry out those projects, for which the general public, also knows nothing about. Several of those, also comes to mind, including, MKULTRA, that has directly targeted, those victims, through the use of mind control and other horrible techniques, including, also, the use of electromagnectic technology, which often causing severe damage to the victims, to carry these out.

MKULTRA has been in use, in Canada, since the fifties, when it was also use, illegally, against mentally ill patients, who were also used as guniea pigs, for the experiments and which some has claimed, has also continued up to today.

Because they are so ultra secret and illegal, their use, is also never acknowledged by the government and the victims are also left to believed, that what has happened to them, is something, that they have also imagined. Black market projects are illegal and always ends up causing serious harm or injury to the victims. A lot of governments has used this technology, to carry out attacks against specific targets of theirs, including activists, trade unionist and anyone else that comes up against it. It is also more frequently in use, than even the general public can imagine and has also caused untold deaths among its victims. These projects in the wrong hands, such as the police or others, with either the money or the influence, to carry out those attacks against their targets, has also gotten away with their actions, beause
it can almost never be proven, that they are either involved, or that the projects has ever existed, or even that the damages caused by it, can also be proven.

This blog is dedicated to stopping these and other kinds of human rights abuse and black market projects are an unnecessary evil upon mankind. Those actions by governemnts must also stop. It has also caused countless deaths and injuries to the victims and everyone should also protest against its use.