Wednesday, January 12, 2011


It is hard to deny it, because it is also so blatantly obvious, how the investigation of my own case, against the Canadian government, for the abuse of my human rights, was also tainted with racism, by those organizations, that are also supposed to be investigating that government's actions against me and others, concerning human rights abuse in that country. Not only racism, but also the direct interference, also, in trying to hide its own actions, concerning the accusations against it, for committing crimes against humanity, such as torture and other heinous acts, against targeted persons, or groups in that country.

My personal case, involving those actions, with the Inter American Commission on Human Rights, as well as the International Criminal Court, has also been tainted by those actions, from the Canadian government. It is a long struggle ahead, to get those involved in those actions, also prosecuted for those crimes, that were also committed, against me and other persons. Crimes against humanity, for which they also need to answer for.

This blog will also continue to report on the actions, of those organizations and judiciary bodies, which are also supposed to help protect, the human rights of all persons, irrespective of race, or ethnicity, religion, or any of the other broad categories, which are also stipulated in the United Nations Human Rights Declarations, which also appears to be a sham, because none of those governing bodies, really seem to take those crimes seriously. Vincent Gioia's book, "The Mislabeled United Nations Human Rights Council", is also one of those unappreciated works, which has also shed a light, on the corruption that also exist, within those organizations, that are also suppose to investigate and to also help eradicate, this type of crime, against peoples around the world, but is in fact, doing the exact opposite. If you have also wondered why at this question, then you are also on the right track in learning the real truth, concerning governments, and the world in general. I am also a believer in the "conspiracy theory" that is also propagated by many others, including a former U.S. governor, Jesse Ventura. The truth is also hard to accept, by most people, I also think. The fight for justice goes on.