The order was made against the Plaintiff, for costs, to the defendants, Deloitte/ Mintz&Partners, the City of Toronto and others, in the Plaintiff's civil case, against them.

The defendants, had also earlier brought a motion, to have the Plaintiff's claim dismissed, which she also granted.


Beth A. Allen is a judge who deals with both civil and family court matters, at the Superior Court of Justice in Toronto. She is also supposed to be a "mentor", in the Black community and this by the way, is also the case, when any black person has taken on a significant role, whether they also deserved to or not. And Beth A. Allen does not. And this is also based on her own actions in the courtroom.

Forget the fact that she is Black, or that she has also been appointed, in good faith, by the Minister who has appointed her. To also carry out her duties in the best interest of the law and also of the public. For those who has been unfortunate enough, to appear before her, she can also be described, as being nothing, but pure corruption and also a token, to put it more mildly. It is absolutely necessary to expose her actions here, so that those who has appointed her, and also thought that they were also doing the public a favour, will also know, about how she also dispenses justice, in the court, when left to her own devices. When judges like Beth A. Allen's actions, are also extreme, they should also be routed out.

If you think that I am also being personal, I am. The order that was made by her, was also made against me, and it was also for costs, to the defendants, in my claim against them for damages, in my lawsuit against them. How convenient for them, to have also had the, "beneficent" judge, Beth A. Allen, to dispense with their case. And how unfortunate it was for me, also, to have had such a corrupt judge to deal with my case. The evidence against the defendants, were also overwhelming and most of it also stems, from their violations of my rights, under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom, something which the judge, Beth A. Allen, also did not take into consideration, in her decision to dismiss my case and to award costs, in the amount of almost $8,000.00 to the defendants, who are also guilty beyond question, in those actions against me. The fact that she has also had the court staff, telephoned me, with her decision, a few days before Christmas, instead of just mailing out the order, was also not an oversight, on her part. She wanted to make maximum impact with her statements, concerning her actions.

The defendants in this case, has also been mentioned here, on my blog, numerous times and their actions has also been exposed by me. The other interesting thing about them and their actions, is that it also did not stop, with the lawsuit, that was also filed against them and this is also, in part, because they have also continued to work, among themselves and also with others, such as the police, to continue with those actions against me. The defendants, Mintz & Partners, Deloitte, The City of Toronto and others, all claimed that my actions against them, were also unsubstantiated, and also without any further proof, on their part. The fact that they also took some steps, prior to the trial, to also try to deal with some of the issues, in my claim against them, was in fact, also an indirect way, of them admitting to those facts, that were also made against them. The fact also, that, combined, they were also worth, billions of dollars, and especially in regards to Deloitte/Mint& Partners, is also another factor, which should also not be overlooked, in the decision of the judge. It was definitely a david and goliath situation and added to this, the fact that I was also black woman, who had gone up against them, and you then also have the complete picture of what this is all about.

Beth A. Allen's actions, are also clearly intended, to make a mockery of justice. I doubt that she also expected that she would also be exposed, in regards to how she conduct hearings in her court. I did not even address the family case matters, in her court room, in which she is also known to act corruptly. In this case, she has also claimed that her decision, was also based on "the Plaintiff's ability to pay the costs", within that time. Where did she get this information from? Certainly not from me, or from any other information that were also submitted to the court, unless also, the defendants were also lying in their statements to the court. Something they had also done since the beginning of the case. Thirty days is a long stretch, to pay such a significant amount, usually, for any member of the public, and it is also an unusual decision, by the court in this case, which often takes into consideration, not only the circumstances of the Plaintiff, pertaining to the case, but also how its decision, might also reflect on the general public. The judge, Beth A. Allen's decision, as to the costs, to the Plaintiff, should have been based, on what the actual law, has also stipulated, to be the right amount, under the circumstances, and that would also include, the Plaintiff's ability to pay, the actual amount, in accordance with other similar cases, that were also ordered by the court, in case law, and also by the judge. And unless the Plaintiff, is either very rich, or is a millionaire, in this case, the actual amount that was also decided by the judge, Beth A. Allen, was also not in accordance with the fairness of the law, in this case. It also did not reflect the actual costs to the defendants, either, some of whom were also covered, by the city of Toronto's legal department, which is also covered by the tax payers.

NOTE: The conspiracy to blacklisted me, has involved every judge, or adjudicator, who has ever handled any of my cases, whether they were black, or white. And especially the one who are black, because, the intention of my enemies, is also to try to cover up their actions and by using "one of my own people", they can also accomplish this quite easily. It has also been the general practice, of the court, to also disregard my rights, in this manner. I am actually quite pleased, that, I also have the opportunity, to make this little known fact public. Shedding a further light on the corruption, that already exist, in these kinds of situations. For me it is not a total lost, because I also get to expose them. And I can also appeal their decisions. Who knows, I might get lucky and find an honest judge. Not a Dishonorable Beth A. Allen, in this case, of course. Believe it or not, I actually know of a few. In case you also think, that, I'm also a pessimist. For instance, The Honorable Justice Michael Tulloch, who is also an African Canadian judge, in the Brampton Superior Court of Justice, even though I never had a case before him, as a judge, but as my former lawyer, I knew him quite well and he is also an honest man. One of the few, in fact, that I would ever endorse as being a decent lawyer, compared with the others, that I've also had. There are also a few other judges, also white, whose actions also speak for themselves, involving their cases. I mean that they are also commendable.

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