Thursday, May 12, 2011





She was recently appointed to the Ontario Provincial Court, located at
1000 Finch Avenue west, in Toronto, on March 23, 2011. Her previous
role, had been as a judge in the Bermuda courts. She has also claimed,
as a crown attorney, in the Canadian courts, to have helped in prosecuting,
violent crimes, againt women, although this does not seem to be the case,
regarding her recent appointment, as a judge, where her severe lack of
judgement, regarding violence against women, has already been noticed,
in her decisions of the court. Decisions that could also have, dire
consequences, for women, if she also keeps this up. Since her appointment
on March 23, 2011, as a provincial court judge, she has also not wasted
any time, in showing that she was also incapable, of dealing with some
of those cases, that were before her. Whether this was also due, to her
own personal influence, in those cass, including corruption, or some
other factors, including, also, incompetence, on her part.

This should also be taken seriously, since her actions, also has a negative
effect, upon the public and also the victims of violence, in this case.
Women whose lives are put more at risk, because of her actions. That is what
you would also call the decision, that she has made recently, in acquitting
a man, Daniel Osei, a reputed drug dealer, who had also threatened the life
of a woman, and was also still facing, the same charges, uttering a death
threat, against someone else. As also one of the victims, in those cases,
she has also acquitted him, of the death threats, that he has also made,
towards me, but he is still facing the same charges, against another person,
in another unrelated case. The man, Daniel Osei, who also has a history, of
violent convictions, against women, was also denied bail, recently, in his
charges against the other victim, but he was also acquitted, of the same
charges, in relation to me, also recently, by the provicial court judge,
Sandra Bacchus. This judge, also did not regard, either my rights, or my
safety, in this case, as well.

During the trial on April 29, 2011, I had also happened to see, the same
judge, Sandra Bacchus, in the caffeteria, located at the same court, during
the adjournment, of the trial, which was to resume, after the lunch break
and she gave me a most disapproving "look", that was also full of malice.
She also clearly did not like me and I believed that this also influenced
her decision, in her ruling, to acquit the person, despite the evidence
and also his criminal history, regarding his violent actions against women.
Clearly, also, his threats against me, or any other persons, should also,
not have been taken lighty, by the judge, Sandra Marina Bacchus, who has,
also, a public duty, to protect lives, and also the interest, of the
victims who are before the courts, and especially those relating, to
violence against women, by a repeat offender, like Daniel Osei. I was
even more suspicious of her decision, in this case, in also acquitting,
the accused, Daniel Osei, after he was charged by the police, but also
not before, they had also ignored, my original complaint, of his threats
earlier and when he had also let himself into my building, where I also
had to call 911 emergency services. The police also took several hours,
to respond to my 911 call, of the incident, claiming that they were also
very busy, at the time. He eventually turned himself in to the police
later, regarding the same incident.

At the trial, he also did not deny, that he had also came to my home and
had sneaked into my building, on the same night, though he also put it
at an earlier time, than my 911 call to the police. Which the judge,
simply bought, along with the rest of his testimony and also found him
not guilty, of also making death threats against me. The court also did
not have the same opinion, regarding his other victim, who also faced
the same threats from him. They simply held him in jail, for that
incident. Of course my life is also of less value, to all of them, as
well and so I should also not have expected to have the same treatment,
or the protection of the court, also, in regards to my case. The message
that this judge, Sandra Bacchus, has sent in acquitting him, of those
charges, against me, was the same, as the other judges, or justices of
the peace and especially at that court. It is as if they also wanted him,
to carry out his actions against me. This also seem to be the case,
when the police did not respond immediately, to my 911 call, of the

Sandra Bacchus, is also part of a list, of judges, and justices of the peace, including, also, both black judges and justices of the peace, at that court,
whose actions, should also be more closely examined. Due also to their
personal influences, in cases, before that court. It is a general rule, by
the judges and justices of the peace, at that court, not to prosecute anyone,
who has also committed a crime against me, or who has threatened my
safety, in anyway. It would also explain, why I could not get any justices
of the peace, at the 1000 Finch Avenue court, in Toronto, to also issue,
a summons,in at least a dozen private informations, that I have also tried
to lay, at that same court, against those who has threatened my safety.
There is also evidence, that they have also been involved in the conspiracy,
with the police, also, in preventing those charges, from being laid, against
those person, because most of them, were also, I believed, working as agent
provocateurs, for the police, directly. And the police also did not want
to see those persons charged.

In my opinion, also, the recent trial, was also a mock trial. It was also a
pretence, when they all knew, also, what the outcome would also be, despite
the evidence at the trial. It is the same, as with all of the other mock
trials, that has also been carried out, and also with the aim, of perverting
justice, in all of those cases, involving me. It is also the reason, why, this matter, should also be investigated, further, for any more evidence of human
rights abuse, by those who are also responsible. That of course, would also
include this government, its courts and also its police agencies, against me.