The Conspiracy To Obstruct Justice By These Crown Attorneys

The Goal Is To Traumatized The Victim And To Also Create The
Circumstances, To Also Bring This About. It Is Called Psychological Torture. A Very Useful Tool In The Hands Of The Police And Others Involved.

As a human rights activist in Canada, I have had more than enough evidence, to also prove that human rights abuse is also a chronic problem in that country.

Below is just one more examples of this abuse that I have also dedicated this
blog to exposing, concerning the attacks against my own individual rights and freedom, by the Canadian government and the corruption that is involved in those actions, by the people who also do not want this information to be made public.

The information also needs to get out, in order to educate the world on what
is also happening, to some people, in that country. The recent exposure on
my blog, in regards to the corruption involving some Canadian government
officials, has also garnered more attacks against me, by the police and also
by those who are also directly affected by the exposure that this article
also brought to them.

The Obstruction of Justice By These Crown Attorneys Involving My Case.

Case Number One: Crown Attorney, Kene Canton.
A Justice of the Peace, at a Toronto court, the 1000 Finch Avenue Courthouse,
in Toronto, has decided to issue process, on a charge of assault, against a
Deloitte & Touche employee, Jim Cook, for an assault against me. After giving evidence concerning the charge, at the pre-enquette hearing, the JP also decided, that there was also a prima facie evidence, established, on the charge for assault, against this person, Jim Cook, in regards to me. He then decided to also issue process on the private charge, that I had also laid, concerning that person, in regards to that matter. It was also the first time that this court, had also decided to proceed with any charges, against any of the people, who were also involved, with the personal attacks, against me and also despite the surmounting evidence against them.

The crown attorney, Kene Canton, had also decided, as a last attempt, to stop this proceeding and to also withdraw the charge, where process had also just been issued, by the justice of the peace, against that person. The Justice of the Peace, responded, to the crown attorney's actions, by also claiming, that under the law, the crown attorney, was also allowed to withdraw a charge. That the matter was also out of his hands, as far as the crown attorney's attempt, to prevent me from proceeding, with the matter in the court.

This is because of the conspiracy, that was also involved, regarding them and the police, also, in regards to this matter, in abusing my rights. It was the police, I also believed, that has also prevented, those charges from being laid, against them, for a number of years, and also with the cooperation of the court, as this case also shows and by the crown attorneys involved with those cases, in also preventing the charges from also being laid against any of them.

He had also not convinced the court, in regards to the prima facie evidence,
of why the charge should also not be laid and the Justice of the Peace, had
also read back to the crown attorney, the areas of the law, that he had also
relied upon, in also issuing process on the charge. In desperation, the crown attorney, Kene Canton, then also addressed the court and simply withdrew the
charge, rather than to see that it also proceeded, in the court. Now it is also
up to me to challenge this legally. Which include, also, an obstruction of justice
charge, against the crown attorney, Kene Canton.

The Issue Regarding Crown Attorney Number Two.

The second matter, also involved the actions of another crown attorney, in
also trying to prevent me, from also exercising my rights, as a member of the
public. It also clearly shows, that she has also tried to obstruct justice, in
this case, as the evidence also seem to suggest.

A mandamus writ was issued by a Judge, in the Superior Court of Justice, on
May 2, 2011, in regards to my application, before that court, against another employee, Alex Gaisiner. The crown attorney, in regards to that case, also did
two things, that were both illegal and also unethical.

First, she has told the Judge that she also has a date, at the 1000 Finch Court,
for the return of the matter, on May 26, 2011, when she was also asked by the same Judge, to get this information and to also present it to the court. I was then instructed by the court, to return to the other court, on the date that the crown had also given, in regards to the pre-enquette hearing and to also lay the charge. The crown attorney, whose name I also have a problem in getting, at this time, also told the Superior Court Judge, that she would be forwarding, the necessary documents, back to the other court, in regards to the matter. She also never did.

On May 26, 2011, I showed up for the pre-enquette hearing, at the 1000 Finch Avenue Court, in Toronto and the Justice of the Peace, who was in the courtroom, had no idea about the mandamus writ, that was also granted, because the crown attorney, did not send the information, to that court. Finally, the manager at the 1000 Finch Avenue Court, also claimed, that she was able to have the Superior Court of Justice, also fax, the necessary documents, to that court and the matter was also rescheduled for another date.

The biggest question, that I also have, about this matter, is, whether the
crown attorney, also tried to obstruct justice in my matter, by also not doing,
what she was asked by the court to do? Why did she not forward the documents to
the other court?, as she had also said to the court, that she would also do. The
date of May 26, 2011, which was also on a Thursday, that she also gave to the court
for the pre-enquette hearing, also does not occur at that court. It was later revealed, that this court, at the 1000 Finch Avenue West, courthouse, also did not hold any pre-enquette hearings, on a Thursday. Which was also the date, that the crown attorney, who was involved with the matter, had also suggested, to the other court, the Superior Court of Justice and also to the Judge of that court, in regards to the mandamus application, before that court.

The matter was simply toss aside, by either the crown attorney, by the court, or by both, in this case and I was also not able to proceed, as I also should have.
Later the court, also tried to cover up this action, by also suggesting another date, for the matter to be heard. Was it a coincidence or was it also deliberate?
Of course, I also do not believed, that it was a coincidence.

The direct links with the Metropolitan Toronto police, 13 Division, especially, has also offered to those involved, the protection that they also needed, to carry out those attacks against me. And the conspiracy also goes much further, to also
include the courts, as well. Which I as a member of the public, must also rely on, to also protect those rights, but which also do not result in this happening. As for the Metropolitan Toronto Police, 13 Division, most of the time, they are also parked outside of my home and doing apparently nothing. Just watching my movements, daily. As soon as they see me, either enter, or leave the building, they also drove off. The police has also denied doing this.

Whenever I also put up an article, on my blog, that has really exposed those
actions of the police, or others, involving corruption, or some other issue, I
also tend to see an increase in those attacks against me. Like some of my most recent articles for instance, that has also exposed, the unethical conduct, of
some government officials. As a writer and journalist, I am also strongly committed, to exposing the truth on corruption and other issues of human rights abuse. It is also important for the world, to know that human rights activists, like myself, are also daily, subjected to every attempt by this government, or its police agencies, regarding the further abuse, of their individual rights and freedoms. And also other attempts, that has also, increasingly, subjected them to harm. All of this are also carried out against them, in order to cover up the human rights abuse, that are also occurring in Canada.

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