Tuesday, July 19, 2011


The Canadian Government Is Backing Israel, In Denying The Palestinians
Total Autonomy, For An Independent State, Within Israel.

The Canadian government was the lone voter, at the United Nations, among 47 other nations, to deny the Palestinian people, a homeland. The other nations had voted for a motion, to have an investigation by the United Nations, against the Israeli government's, human rights violations and the Canadian government was openly, adverse, to the motion against Israel.

The Palestinian people are also unable to leave Palestine, for humanitarian reasons, because the Israeli government, has also closed the borders to them. They are basically locked into a very small area of territory and has also suffered unimaginable human rights abuse, at the hands of the Israeli military and the Israeli government. And to further the abuse by the Israeli government, the international coalition of humanitarian aid, to that nation, has also been blocked, by the Israeli government, including food and medical supplies. Yet the Canadian government also does not view this action, as a human rights violation, by the Israeli government.
It has continued to be that government's strongest ally, along with the United States.

And at the same time the Canadian government, is also presenting a different view, to the rest of the world, concerning human rights issues. It is also pretending to advocate, on behalf of human rights issues, not only in its own country, but also around the world. The most disgusting example of this, is its Human Rights Museum, that it has built, in so called "honor" of human rights, in Canada. That museum, The Canadian Museum For Human Rights, is also paid for by Jewish organizations, such as the Asper Foundation and also cost the Canadian taxpayers millions of dollars, in the process.

Already some groups, such as the Canadian Ukrainian Congress, are also opposing some of its displays, saying that it does not "tell the whole story" about the Holocaust, which excluded from its displays, any mentioned of the other victims of the Holocaust. At present the Canadian Museum For Human Rights, has only exhibits for two groups of people only. The European Holocaust victims and the Canadian aboriginal victims. This makes me also wonder about the other victims of human rights abuse, in Canada also, such as Blacks, Chinese immigrants and others. No mention also, of other human rights victims, in other countries around the world, such as in Africa (Rwanda, Sudan, the Congo, Ethiopia and Somalia) and also other places.

And should anyone have any further doubt on the issue, of the Canadian government and the Israeli government's policy, the Canadian Prime Minister, Steven Harper, has put those doubts, also to rest, by stating, "I will defend Israel, whatever the cost".

So then why is Canada publicly making claims about human rights issues, when it has condoned a country, that the United Nations and the rest of the world, has also recognized, as committing inhumane actions, against a minority group?. And why the double standards by the government?. Canada also wants to continue to get the support, of the rest of the world, on that issue and to also be recognized, as being at the forefront of human rights. That is a lie and its other actions has also proven this fact.