Not A Conspiracy? You Be The Judge.
No Process Was Issued, After The Ontario Superior Court,
Mandamus Decision, To Lower Court.

My Second Attempt, To Lay A Private Charge Was Denied And No Process Was Issued For A Second Time, By The Justice Of The Peace, Stephen Waisberg, After The Superior Court Of Justice, Mandamus Decision, To Have A Second Pre-Enquette Hearing, Of The Matter. The Same Crown Attorney, Was Also Involved, Who Two Months Previously, Had Also Withdrawn, A Charge, That I had Laid And After The Justice Of The Peace, Had Also Decided, To Issue Process, On The Charge.

You have heard it many times here before on my blog, about the conspiracy
that exist, involving the Canadian courts and myself, to deny my constitutional rights as a person. Well the latest incident is also no different, from the other cases, involving me. I was surprised, that the lower court, in this case, the Ontario Court of Justice, located at the 1000 Finch Avenue Courthouse in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, would also ignore a higher court ruling and continue to persist in denying me the same rights as everyone else.

The charge actually originated from an incident that had occurred in 2009, involving the superintendent of the building, Alex Gaisiner, who had assaulted me, by shoving me, after he was asked to check my entry card key, that was also deactivated for no apparent reason, by the office staff, something that was also a regular occurrence at the time. And to digress a little from this immediate incident, at those times also, the 13 division police, in a marked cruiser, would also be parked outside my building and I could only enter the building, by the front entrance and not the back entrance, for instance and while they were also parked outside. It was clearly intended to also provoked me.

Now back to the other incident. The superintendent of the building, had also left the office, after he was asked by the office assistant, to check the entry card at the door, to see if it was now working. Coming back into the office, where I was standing and had also remained throughout the whole incident, he had also shoved me, in front of the office assistant, as he came back into the office. And he was also clearly visibly upset, because he now also claimed, that the key was also working and that was what had also made him angry enough to shove me, in front of the office assistant.

At the first pre-enquette hearing, the crown attorney, had tried to made out that the shove was an "accident" and she spent a long time also trying to prove that fact. Something which I also pointed out before the Superior Court Judge successfully. When I also refused to go on with her questioning on the matter, as she was also doing a full cross-examination of the case, in which she also stated to the court that" Your honor, I was just trying to established, if it was an accidental push, or not". Irregardless, the Justice of the Peace at the first hearing did not issue process on the matter.

The matter was then heard at the Superior Court of Justice and was sent back to the Ontario Court of Justice for another hearing, which the crown attorney also claimed was a new hearing of the matter. At the second pre-enquette hearing of the matter, the crown attorney, Kene Canton, pointed out the the Justice of the Peace, that my case was "frivolous and vexatious" and the Justice of the Peace also agreed, claiming also, that the grounds for the case of an assault against the superintendent in this case, was also "minimal and at the lower end of the spectrum of the law" whatever the hell that also means. Either there was a non consensual contact, between this person and myself, which I've also asserted, and which is also illegal, or there was not. There are no grey areas in this case, in regards to what the law, also says about that.

It was the same crown attorney, who had also withdrawn another charge, at a pre-enquette hearing, two months earlier, in May of 2011, against another member of the staff, of the building, in what appears to also be, a desperate act, on his part, to also prevent the charge and also after another Justice of the Peace, had decided to issue process on the charge. The justice of the Peace had also stated, in that case, that there was a prima facie evidence, on the charge and on all of the elements, at which point the crown attorney, kene Canton, also decided, at that moment, to withdrew the charge, in order to prevent me from having the opportunity, to have the matter go to a trial and for the accused person, to also appear before the court on those charges.

At this latest incident, in regards to the denial of my rights, in a Canadian court, I have also decided to fight back. I have already contacted the crown attorney's office, at that court and let them know that I will also be having them investigated,
because it also cannot be a coincidence, that I have been unable to lay a single charge, against any of those persons, who, I also believed, had worked with the police, in carrying out those actions againt me, in some of those cases and also for those matters, to be ignored by the court.

No process of those charges, has ever been successful, against any of the management staff, of my building, who has also continually, harassed me and also committed other offences against me, over the years. This is also due primarily, I believed, because they have also been working with the police, to also carry out those actions against me. Both the police and the courts, are also involved, in the maladministration of justice, involving all of those cases, involving me. The actions of those people has also not stopped, against me and the court is also sending the wrong messages to them, that they can also continue to break the law and to violate my rights and the evidence also abounds in regards to this fact.

It is a case which also now requires a full investigation, into the actions of that court, in particular. For instance, the said matter, which was just heard by the Justice of the Peace Stephen Waisberg and which was also before the Superior Court of Justice on May 2, 2011, that was also sent back to the 1000 Finch Court, for a second hearing of the matter, was also originally slated to be heard on May 26, 2011. but after several adjournments and manipulations by both the court administrative staff, as well as the crown attorney office at that court, the matter was finally heard on July 15, 2011. They had first stated that the documents were also misplaced, or that they had not received it from the Superior Court of Justice. Then it was adjourned further, a few more times and all of this was also due to reasons, related to the court directly.

Who is paying for all of this? Me!. I have been paying for all of the transcripts to appeal those cases, at the higher courts over the years. I have spent a lot of money out of my own pockets, to pay for the court's mistakes. This is also wrong. I obviously has to appeal this latest decision again, at the higher court and this will also be paid for by me, as a member of the public and not by the court's whose mistake it is. I will also know this as a fact, after the ruling of the higher court, which in this case, is the Superior Court of Justice of Ontario.

I am also making an advancement, in also exposing their conspiracy, against me as well. They also now know that I will also exposed their actions publicly. For that reason also I have not been able to record those court proceedings, even when I make this request, both as a member of the public and also as a part of the media. At those time the requests are also denied by the presiding Justices of the Peace, at that court. Others have also tried to enforced this right, which is actually not a given right, in any Canadian courts.

On July 15, 2011, the Justice of the Peace Stephen Waisberg, at the 1000 Finch Avenue Court in Toronto, also excluded all other members of the public from the courtroom, at the hearing of my case, in regards tot he pre-enquette matter. They also clearly do not want any witnesses of those hearings. There should also be no "private" hearing of any matters before the Canadian courts. The courts should be opened to the public, for all matters. Excluding the public from hearing some of those cases, that are before the Canadian court, is also a violation of international human rights laws.

I will also continue to bring those issues, of human rights abuse, by the Canadian courts, for whatever reasons, before the rest of the world and to exposed some of the corruption, involving those cases.

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