Shame! Shame!

T.O City Councillor Georgio Mammoliti

The T.O. City Councillor, was caught taking pictures, of the group, QuAIA at the Pride Parade. He later then used those same pictures, to also recommend, that the city's funding, for Pride, be also cancelled.

Here is one from a Facebook reader:
Emma Rudolph
"ahhhh i hate rob ford that stupid doghnutt".

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, should be made to resign his office, along with his ally, Toronto City Councillor Georgio Mammoliti. We know that the Toronto mayor, has also not attended, any of the Pride events, this year and on top of that, he has also stated publicly, that he is also for the traditional marriage, between a man and a woman. The question is really about his duty, as the mayor and his representation of the city of Toronto. Does he support the diversity of the many different groups, that also exists in this city, such as the Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgendered community, which as everyone knows by now, he does not support.
He also makes the city of Toronto, look just as bad, as he does, in front of the whole world. The Toronto Mayor, may also have been unduly influenced, by a group
of pro Israeli supporters, who also happened to be a part of gay and lesbian community and who were also willing to sacrifice, the Pride organization, for
their own personal agenda. Their ultimatum was to get Pride, to oust the group, QuAIA, from among their ranks and also as one of the different groups, that has participated, in the annual Pride parade. Or they will also lobby to have its funding cut by the city. Backing this group were also a league of Toronto journalists and businesses from the Jewish community. (See my article below this one, for more on that issue).

The email that was sent, by the Toronto Sun columnist, Sue Ann Levy, to the other jewish leaders and businesses, calling for them to put pressure, on the Mayor, to cut funding for Pride, also shed a new light on how politics, are also conducted with Toronto's elected officials. The Toronto Mayor, also obliged them, with their requests, and also made it contingent, upon the Pride organization, to banned outright, the so called offensive group, Queer Against Israeli Apartheid, or be dismantled, as an organization, that would get no further funding, from the city of Toronto.
And to make sure this also happened, the Mayor's close friend and ally and also fellow city councillor, Georgie Mammoliti, came to the Pride parade, with his
camera in hand and was also seen taking pictures, specifically, of a small group
of marchers, holding a banner, with the QuAIA sign on it and then later broadcast those pictures, to the local news media. His actions were not only offensive to the group directly, but also to the many people, who also attended, the parade as well. It was also weird. I am sure that the people around the world, who are reading this blog and others like it, who has also reported this story, has also found the behaviour, of the Canadian politicians, kind of bizarre.

What is also crystal clear about the pro Israeli factor, in all of this, is that those pro Israeli groups, also, has absolutely no allegiance, to the Canadian government, or the Canadian people, but only to the State of Israel. It meant nothing for that group, to personally advocate for the dismantling, of an organization, such as Pride, that has also given visibility, to the Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgendered community, or to the other groups, that has also taken part, in the Pride festivities and that were also marching for human rights, in regards to their own personal causes. Those groups will no longer have this visibility, if the funding for Pride, is also cut, by the city of Toronto. And the pro Israeli groups, also couldn't care less, if that also happens.

I was also disappointed with the organization, Queers Against Israeli Apartheid,
for officially speaking out, against a small group of courageous demonstrators, who had marched in the Pride parade, with the QuAIA banner, after the media had also attacked that group. The group also marched peacefully and gave no grounds, for the attacks against them, by the local media and also by the corrupt politicians, such as Georgio Mammoliti and Rob Ford. Instead of taking a stand, the official QuAIA group, stayed away from the Pride parade and also further distance themselves, from those few men and who also stood their ground and marched in the Parade. They certainly had every rights just like the other groups that were there, to also participate and the organizers of the Pride parade, despite their efforts, which also backfired on the organization directly, could not keep them out entirely. In my opinion, the entire QuAIA organization is also compromised by those who also controls it, and who also has no backbone in standing up to those who also challenge or opposed the. Congratulations to the few of them who do.

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