Occupy Toronto Protesters Quietly Gave Up Park Without Any Resistance.

I guess they did not believe in the movement that much, or else fear got the better of them, or maybe they just didn't have it in them, to fight for what they also believe in, whatever the cost to them. But the occupy Toronto protesters, put up no resistance, to the police eviction of them, from the St. James Park, in Toronto.

Some quietly pack up their tents and left, while others gave in to the police cajoling, on the day of the police raid on the park. The last of the group, that were showing a little bit of resistance, by chaining themselves to the yurt, that they also called a library, also gave up quietly, as the police moved in on them, with an eviction order, early Wednesday morning.

One of the protesters, was even quoted as saying, that, had they not given up voluntarily, "It could have ended very badly". Excuse me, but isn't that all part of the deal? No one hoped that it did, but if that did happen, so what? It's better to die for what you believe in, than to live in shame afterwards.

Toronto Mayor, Rob Ford and the rest of the Canadian government, also had no trouble, convincing the occupy Toronto protesters, to give up on their ideas, or their attempts, to reform the Canadian government and to bring about any kind of social change, that is also so badly needed, in that country. The message from Ford and the others, were that the government was not going to change, so the occupy protesters, needed to accept it and moved on. Sadly, they also did.

To me and the rest of the public, they should have also put up a fight and let the Canadian government, also do whatever it wanted. Let the police have resort to brute force also, if they wanted to, but they should not have budged. This was mostly the same, from other occupy Canada protesters, in other cities across Canada.
Although in my opinion, none of them acted as badly, as the occupy Toronto protesters, in giving up totally, to the demands of the police and also the Canadian government and especially to the demands of Toronto's mayor, Rob Ford.

Rob Ford's side kick and ever present shadow, Georgio Mammoliti, who also seem to have some big ideas of his own and not the least, of becoming Toronto's next mayor, also said pointedly, that the occupy Toronto protesters, "Should all be arrested" and that "They should all pack up their one bag, that they have also brought, to the park and leave". Georgio Mammoliti is also a hater against gays, communists and anyone else, who also does not fit in, with his own personal ideas.

Rob Ford and Georgio Mammoliti and the rest of the government, had also worked very diligently, to see that the occupy Toronto protesters, leave the St. James Park, which is also owned by the St. James Cathedral church, in Toronto. In Canada there also does not seem to be a separation of Church and State, for the Reverend Douglas Stoute, of the St. James Cathedral, in Toronto, also decided to evict the occupy protesters, from the side of the park, which is also owned by the church and has openly refused to give them any sanctuary. The church, along with the city, had both served the occupy Toronto protesters, with eviction notices and ordered them to leave all of the park.

The Reverend Douglas Stoute, of the St. James Cathedral in Toronto, also openly backed its decision, to evict the occupy protesters, by also saying publicly, that it also sided with the actions government, right or wrong.

To some people, there was no heart, in the movement at all and you have to also wonder, if those occupy Toronto protesters, who were also commenting to the media and talking openly of giving up, were also not police agents and agent provocateurs, who were also planted there, to also make the movement look bad. It is a very common tactic of the police, to destabilized a movement, by planting their agents among them, to spread disinformation and to disrupt the group, or worst, to also put up no resistance to the police, or the government's attacks, on those groups.

This also seem to be most likely what happened with the occupy Toronto and the occupy Canada movement altogether. And To also justify their actions, some of them are also saying, that the occupy Canada movement, is also not a movement at all, but an idea only. And that the Canadian government, also cannot change that idea, which the protesters also have. If this sounds confusing, to them and also to the rest of us, that is because it really is. Personally, I also believe in an occupy Canada movement, to also bring about the necessary changes, in that government.

Maybe they should also learn from the actions of other occupy protesters, around the world and not give in so easily, if they also really want their voices to be heard. For the occupy Toronto protesters, let the police drag them from their place of occupation, if they have to and also arrest them. But not to also listen to them, to give up and moved on quietly. They did exactly what the autocratic government, also wanted and now it is going to be even harder, to convince that government, or anyone else, that they are also serious enough about this change, that you are also talking about. If that is to happen, they will also have to back up your words also, with their actions, because no one really respects a quitter.

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