Wednesday, April 25, 2012




Instead of carrying out her administrative duties, for the coop, Sandra Thompson, was caught recently, in the boardroom of the Moshav Noam Coop, with the part time superintendent of the building, and without any plausible explanation, of what the two of them were also doing, in a room without the lights on, when they were supposed to be looking after the building. The incident happened on April 18 and the residents of the building, has since been notified of the firing of the part time superintendent, but not of the on site property manager, Sandra Thompson, who is also the central figure in all of this drama.

It is a case that also has the residents of the building, wanting to see her fired immediately, for her actions. The incident has also been reported to the city of Toronto, because the city also funds the building and Philip Abrahams, Director of the Toronto Social Housing Unit, is also supposed to be investigating the incident. Sandra Thompson also works for Kehilla Residential Programme and also manages several of the buildings around the city for them.

The incident began when a resident, knocked on the door of the office, of the coop recently, but no one answered and as the resident walked off, the adjourning door, was opened by the superintendent of building, who is also a part time staff and the resident also witnessed, the office manager, Sandra Thompson, inside of the room, with the lights off and also "pulling the superintendent back into the room". She was also seen walking in the room as if she also did not care if anyone saw her as well.

Kehilla Residential Programme has also been up to no good in the building, since taking over the coop, in 2010 and cares nothing about what the residents also wants. It is also a very contentious issue with some of the residents of the building, in particular, who is also tired of their actions, including the lack of services to the building, regularly, that they should also be providing for the residents.

I have also been personally contacted on my facebook page, regarding Sandra Thompson, who is also black and her other actions at the other buildings, that she also manages for Kehilla. But none of them are as scandalous as her latest action, at the Moshav Noam Coop. It is also now up to Kehilla to fire her, and for the city of Toronto, to make sure that it also carry this out, because her actions at the Moshav Noam Coop building, especially, is also one that goes against the very policy of the coop and also what the residents wants directly.

I am also a resident of the bulding and Sandra Thompson has also carried out attacks against me, personally, at the coop. She is also very brazen in her approach, regarding those attacks against me and also has the police backing her actions as well. With this support from them, she is also able to act with immunity, regarding her other actions at the building. Except of course for this latest incident, which I am also predicting, will also get her out of building, once and for all. Even if she has no moral standards, personally, or when it comes to the carrying out her duties, regarding the coop, the residents will also not stand for her actions, as well. She should also be fired, directly, or else have to endure the shame, of having to face the residents of the coop, after knowing also that her actions has been exposed. But Sandra Thompson also has no shame either. If she did, she would not have done, what she is also now accused of doing and so openly.

I have recently spoken with one of the neighbours who has also been having some problems with the management of the coop and he like so many of the other residents, would also like to see Sandra Thompson and her employer Kehilla Residential Programme, also stop managing the building. He began by also telling me that the building used to be worth 23 million dollars, back when he also just moved into the coop, seventeen years ago, but I had to also correct him, on that, based on the latest information that I have, which are also from the court records that the Receiver Manager had also filed with the court, which has also indicated that the building, is now worth only 11 million dollars. The Receiver Manager, Mintz and Partners, has also done a lousy job in managing the coop, which has also been in receivership for the last several years, prior to Kehilla it taking over in 2010. The residents were also never consulted about this take over as well.

The coop is also still funded by the city of Toronto, with some of the units being subsidized, as well. In other words, the incident, involving the onsite property manager, Sandra Thompson, is also one of public interest as well, because she has also managed a building, that is also partially funded by tax payors and she must also give an account regarding her personal actions, while carryng out her duties in managing the coop.