Tuesday, April 17, 2012



The fiasco that is called The Summit of the Americas, that is put on by the OAS, an organization that is also inclined, to favour both Canada and the United States, for their policies, and whether those are good or bad, is also open to conjecture, but I believe that it is bad, since they are also not held accountable, for any violations, in regards to their actions, by the OAS. The summit, which is held for the last 18 years, with the first one held in 1994 and this summit being the sixth of those Summits of the Americas, and where Cuba has also been excluded, from the summits, ever since then. The Summit of the Americas runs, from April 14-15, 2012, in Cartagena, Columbia.

Canada and the United States, were the only two countries, among the 34 others, at the summit, that has openly rejected Cuba, from becoming a member of the summit. Canada's objection was even stronger than the US. Both countries, however, has cited Cuba's lack of democratic ideal, as their reasons for excluding the Latin American country. Who are they kidding?

Let it be known that I am against the Canadian government, for its international policies, one of which is also Cuba and the others, in pertaining to its self interests, in other countries, where it also has no business to be there, besides exploiting those countries and making profits off of the labour of the people.

There are many things that I admire about Cuba. First you have to accept that country for what it is. It does not hide what it is about. It is a communist country, but so what? So are many others. The real issues here, are about how that government, takes care of its citizens and whether is it a prosperous country, or not. In my opinion, Cuba is a very prosperous country, as far as its GDP, and other factors. The GDP, per capita, of Cuba, has also increased dramtically, over the last few years, from 2006 to 2012, compared to that of either Canada, or the United States. Cubans has a standard of living, that is far above those of other Caribbean and Latin American countries. In fact, it is even better than Canada, in many ways.

The people has free health care, that is also in no danger, of becoming privatized and the government also provides, free education and free homes, for the people to live in. They are also protected from outsiders, like the overbearing US and Canada, as that government tries to maintain its independence, from the both of them. And successfully, I might also add. In my judgement, also, Cuba is not the worst, as far as human rights abuse and if I should also compare its actions, with those two other countries, that government, will also come out on top. Why? It has given sanctuary, to political refugees, who has faced open persecution, by those two other countries and in Cuba they have also been able to live a normal life. Had they remained in the other countries, they probably would not be alive at all.

So what is Canada's beef with Cuba? Maybe one of those reasons, also, is because Canada is kind of stuck with Cubans, living in Canada, and who also cannot be repatriated, or extradited back to Cuba. Cuba has no extradiction laws with Canada and will not take back its citizens, who has been living in Canada, and has also broken the laws of that country. The other reasons are perhaps economical. Canada wants to have a role, in exploiting that country, as it also did, with other Latin American and Caribbean countries, of the region. For one very important reason, Canada's free trade agreement, with the other Latin American countries, also does not include Cuba.

This is also a big deal, despite what the Canadian government, might also say on that issue. Cuba's independence, from the influence of Canada, the US, or even some of its other Latin American and Caribbean neighbouring countries, is also what makes it different and what has also demonized that country, in the eyes of those two governments. It is not because Cuba is a communist country, it is simply because they cannot exploit it, the way that they also do, with other countries, of that region. That is the basic truth. Cuba can still trade with them and especially Canada, and also not be influenced greatly, by that government. To me that's a big deal. Corruption by the Cuban government, is also less than in Canada.

It was also apparent, that the other Latin American countries, were also in an open consensus, on admitting Cuba as one their members, despite the objection from Canada and the United States. It also became obvious that not all of the Latin American countries, were also in agreement with the summit, or with the OAS. Some countries such as Brazil, Argentina, Nicarauga and Equador, were in some serious disagreement with some of the issues of the summit. All of the Latin American and Caribbean countries all agreed on one issue, in particular and that was including Cuba among them. But for obvious reasons, Canada and the US has also won, on keeping Cuba out of the Summit of the Americas.

I think those reasons, could also be based, on those two countries subversive actions, in the region and in Columbia, in particular. I don't really believe that the American government, is really that interested, in putting a lid on the drug trade, of which Columbia plays a central part and as for Canada, it is also not ready, to give up its mining interests, in any of those Latin American countries. Neither Canada, nor the United States, should point the finger at Cuba, as far as I am concerned. And as for the latter of the two, the recent scandal involving the United States secret service agents, at the Summit of the Americas, with the Coumbian prostitues, should also make my point very clear, in regards to the actions of that government.

How did the US secret service agents, and its military personnel, also managed to accommodate, the Columbian prostitutes, while at the same time, carrying out their duties? And who knows what else, those prostitues, were able to derived from them, besides sex? The whole thing puts the US in further bad light, as far as its criticism, of Cuba, which seem to diminished, in proportion, to its own actions, concerning the bahaviour, of its own citizens at the summit.

As for Canada, it is hardly likely that its opinion, will also count, in the long run, concerning Cuba becoming a member of the summit. It is outvoted and out numbered, as far as the other countries are concerned. And even though it is of importance, to the OAS organization, its role at the Summit of the Americas, does not take preeminence, over that of the other countries, who I believed, will also include, their fellow country from that region, into the summit. The next one of which is to be held in 3 years, in 2015.