Monday, May 14, 2012


Alex Neve's Comments to the National Post, regarding Canada's
Position On Torture. Canada has "Zero Tolerance on Torture".
Alex Neve also said that,"Canada abhors torture. We support
all efforts to abolish it and to punish torturers".

That comment is an insult to human rights victims in Canada.

Victims of Human Rights Abuse in Canada Are Saying: STOP

Alex Neve needs to check his facts, first, before he has also publicly claimed, that Canada, has been maintaining, human rights standards, in its own country.
Alexe Neve is also a case of contradictions. On the one hand, he and his organization, Amesty International, in Canada, has made claims of protecting human rights standards in Canada, which is also not true. On the other hand, Alex Neve has also acted as a spokesperson, on behalf of the Canadian government, in regards to its practice of human rights, in that country.

Alex Neve is also paid handsomely, for his efforts as well. Including having received, the order of Canada, for all the lies that he has also told, to the entire world, concerning that government's human rights abuse. It is a lie that both Alex Neve and the Canadian government, would also like to continue with, but is also coming up against opposition, from the very victims of human rights abuse, by the Canadian government, directly. Victims such as myself, who has not only been tortured, but has also seen other evidence of human rights abuse, also, that has also been conveniently, ignored, by the Canadian government.

What the victims of human rights abuse in Canada, also wants to see, is the legal protection of their rights, against that government's actions, against them. Both in that country, as well as internationally. Currently that is also not the case and Alex Neve and Amnesty International, is also not helping the situation, in that country, either, by white washing the truth, concerning the Canadian government's actions.

There has been many legitimate questions asked and rightly so, concerning Amnesty International and its role in the prevention of human rights abuse, by the Canadian government. Many people believed, also, that Alex Neve and Amnesty International, also cannot act in the position of being a so called protector of human rights, when that organization, is also not willing, to hold the Canadian government, accountable, also, for committing crimes, in the name of human rights, against the people living in that country, at present.

Alex Neve's loyalty also lies with the Canadian government and not with the victims of human rights abuse by that country and this is also an undisputed fact. And as long as this is the case, I will also continue to advocate, against Amnesty International and other human rights organizations, currently, in Canada. Including also Human Rights Watch, Transparency International Canada, The International Center For Human Rights and Democratic Development, The Canadian Center for International Justice and many other ones, that are also currently getting funds from the public, for the work of human rights in that country, which they also do not carry out. At least not adequately. And in the process also many victims of human rights abuse, by the Canadian government, are left out from their services and also deliberately by them.

It is also time that the truth got out concerning those so called human rights organization and how they do not help the victims of human rights abuse in Canada, against that government abuse, of their human rights.

As for Alex Neve's comments. Is it intended for the protection of human rights, as he also claimed, or to be on the good side of the Canadian government?