Monday, June 4, 2012


Reprisals and Other Actions Taken By the Canadian Government Against Me.

An update to my case before the Supreme Court of Canada.

How the Supreme Court of Canada, has played a role in the abuse of my rights.
The corruption of Canada's so called "highest court", which has also acted corruptly, in regards to my case, that is currently before that court.
On Friday, June 1st I was told by the registrar office of the Supreme Court of Canada, that the urgent motion that was filed with the court on May 30, 2012, was also before the registrar, awaiting a decision.

On Monday June 4th, when an inquiry was further made into that case, the Supreme Court of Canada, has also claimed that there is no record of that motion, which the S.C.C. had also received the hard copy of, on May 30, 2012, and had also acknowledged such on Friday, June 1st, when the court was also contacted about the matter. Not only is there an undue delay, in the hearing of the matter, which was also made to the registrar, or to a judge, but there is also other evidence of corruption, involving this case.

This government has continued to abuse my rights and with the world also watching,
as human rights organizations in Canada and also internationallly, has continued to ignore, these claims, that I have also been making against that country.

Most of the human rights abuse that I have experienced by the Canadian government, is being carried out by the courts and also very openly as well. I am being
penalized for exposing its actions internationally and that government has not
only taken steps to silence me, but also to cause injury to me as well. Including physical and mental torture and the open abuse of my human rights that are also supposed to be protected under international laws.