Monday, July 30, 2012


The Regional Justice of the Peace office and also the Justice of the Peace, Warren Ralth, at Old City Hall, ordered that the JP's office, take the private information, against the police.

These Justices of the Peace, all claimed that they were too busy, or some other reasons, and therefore could not take the private information, against the police.
Justice of the Peace, G. Gairy, Justice of the Peace, M. Skapinkur, as well as Justice of the Peace, M. Bedard. JP Gairy later took the information, following the order, from the Regional Justice of the Peace Office, that is also located, at the same court house, and from the Justice of the Peace, Warren Ralth, in that office, to do so. He had also previously claimed, that he was also busy, on another occasion, but this time he also complied, with the request, from the office of the senior justice of the peace and also took the private information, against the Toronto police officers.

After making several attempts, to lay my own private charges, against the Toronto police, 14 division, for their role, in the arrest of the man, who was also charged by them, with a misdemeanor charge, for threatening an animal, I was finally able to lay the private information, after being turned away, by the Justices of the Peace, at the old city hall court house. Today, they again refused, to lay the charges, against the police and also against the man, Hugues Idholo, who also now faces, additional charges, of assault with a weapon and also of uttering death threats, regarding the July 9th incident. And with all of them, claiming that they were too busy, and that I should also come back another day, or go to another court, nearby, to lay the charges. I was even told by the clerk, in the JP's office, that the regional Justice of the Peace, was also away and could not see me, when I also made that request. I went to that office at the court house anyway, and was later able to lay the private information, against the police officers.

Some of the misconducts, of JP Marcel Bedard, at the Old City Hall court house.
Justice of the Peace, Marcel Bedard, who has tried to intimidate and also threatened me, with the same charges, that I was also trying to have laid, against the police officers, by claiming, that, "do you know that you could be charged, with obstructing justice yourself?. He also tried to get me to give further evidence, other than what was in my written statement and when I refused, by claiming that it was also improper, for him to insist, that I also give additional information, about the case at that time, including being forced, or coerced to do so, by him, and hence his comments.

The JP, Marcel Bedard, also insisted at that time, to make a decision, on the case. That is, whether to accept the information, against the police officers, based also on its merit, by also claiming, after reading the information, that, there was also insufficient evidence, or information, to lay the private charges against the police. And insisting, also, that I should go into details, about all of the charges, against the police, beginning with the obstructing justice charges and the others. He also accused me of being "uncooperative" and therefore would not take the private information, after I also refused to go into more detail, about the case, other than what was in my written statement. The Justice of the Peace, Marcel Bedard, was also insisting, that I explain to him in detail, about the charges and also the incidences, that has led up to the charges, that I wanted to have laid against the police. Anyone can see that he was going in the wrong direction here.

Legally, a justice of the peace, cannot refuse to take the private information, once you've identified yourself, satisfactorily. Excuses about being busy, is also not a legitimate reason, to refuse a complaint. Since the private information was also about the police, the JPs were doing all that they could, to stop the charges from being laid, against the police officers, even to the point of threatening me, with the charge of obstructing justice, myself, should I also persist, in laying the charges against the police. Thankfully, his ridiculous and also incompetent decision, was later overrided and I was also able to lay the information.

The JP Marcel Bedard, also ordered my friend and witness to this inappropriate conduct, on his part, Nadir Siguencia, out of the room and when I asked the JP, Bedard, if I could also record the proceeding, he also said no. My friend also complied and left the room and immediately after that, the JP, Marcel Beard, also continued with his "interrogation", only to have me flatly refused, to give any other information, since it was also not a full hearing or a trial. Later this was override by another JP, in the senior Justice of the Peace office , who ordered that he, or another JP, in that office, take the information. Next, there is the pre-enquette hearing, which is also scheduled for August 3rd and I am also anticipating, that I will also run into the same kind of obstacle, in trying to have those police officers charged and also prosecuted.