Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Aboriginal leader blasts Canada for human rights violations

Native Leaders In Iran, To Get Support Against Canada's Human Rights
Abuses, Against The Aboriginal People.


Canada's Aboriginal Leaders, Terry Nelson and Denis Pashe, are in Iran,
where they have accused, the Canadian Government, of Human Rights Abuse,
against the Aboriginal people. They have accused Canada, of having "concentration camps"
regarding its Indian reservations and also of that country's efforts, to "wipe out the
aboriginal people, of Canada".

The two First Nations Chiefs, also talks about the "mass graves of the First Nations children, who were murdered, as part of the residential school program" and "That has been covered up by the current Harper administration, Harper government and I do not call it the government of Canada, in fact, the Harper government calls it the Harper government, not the government of Canada".  This was also directly refering to the missing 600 Aboriginal women, who were also ignored by the Canadian government, and which the Native Chiefs, has regarded as an attempt to commit genocide, against the Aboriginal people.  According to Denis Pashe, the former chief of the Dakota Tipi First Nation, “It’s part of the ongoing effort by the Canadian government to exterminate us,”  and “We are a race of people who are endangered.”

The Manitoba, Reseau River Chief, Terry Nelson, also says, that, "We have tried very hard to open up human rights issues and we have sent lots of documentations at various embassies..." “The Iranian Embassy was the only embassy to respond". 

The Iranian television, which was also sympathetic, to the case of Canada's human rights abuse, also took up the claims against the Canadian government, much to the relief, of both the First Nations Chiefs, and also on behalf of other human rights abuse victims, currently, in Canada. The Iranian article, also refers to  "THE OTHER BLACK MARKS" in Canada's human rights abuse record, as well. "The widespread human rights violations in Canada go unnoticed in the West as Ottawa’s allies turn a blind eye to the issue".

I say, that it is high time, also, that the world should finally sit up and take notice, of the Canadian government's human rights abuse and other crimes against humanity. It is also a case of the 'chicken coming home to roost', so to speak. Canada has long pointed the finger, at the Iranian government's human rights abuse, while trying to maintain its own innocence. It is of course a lie and now the world, has been given a more truthful version, of its actions, by the two First Nations chiefs, concerning its disregard, for human rights, in its own country.  Sadly, they have also been ridiculed and maligned, in the Canadian press,, which are pro government and also further exist, to extend, the reign of terror, by the Canadian government, against certian people living in that country.  The First Nations people, Blacks and anybody else, that the Canadian government, also chose to target and to abuse their human rights.