I once wrote an article entitled "Confronting State Terror", which was about the actions of the Canadian government, in its persecution, of both individuals, as well as groups of people.  I even handed a copy of that article to a Canadian government intelligence officer, one time, who was also quizzing me, on something else, unrelated to that topic.  I think she visibly gulped when I handed it to her. It was plain what my view were on some issues and I didn't see no point in hiding them.  Being outspoken also comes with a cost. It means living a life, under daily surveillance and being subjected to entrapment by the police and the government. And all for what? People who are less outspoken than me, may get around that, but I truly believe, that Canada, has become a police state. And also using the methods of a totalitarian and autocratic government.  I also resent being put into a situation by the police where my safety and freedom are also endangered, by the actions of the police and the government, working together to silence me. Each time I am also reminded that this is also based on who I am. A member of a visible minority, living in a country, that also does not recognized such a person, as a being legitimate member of this society. The human rights abuse component, of this issue, has also compounded the problem for me, as well.
Police entrapment should be regarded as a crime in and of itself, by the police and by those who has used this method to ensnare others. The police has used entrapment and often with the aid of agent provocateurs, in their service, to try and ensare ordinary citizens, into committing crimes, that they normally would not have committed, under those circumstances.  The police targerts are also sometimes not the usual criminals, who are also inclined to commit those actions anyway, but usually those who has come under radar, of either the police, or the government and who the police has also accused of carrying out subversive actions, against the government, that they also feel by their actions, are also made justifiable, in trying to get those persons to commit a crime, through deception and other means.
This is a reality that I have also lived with from the Toronto police and also the government of Canada.
If you've read some of my most recent articles, you will also see why, when those who I also believed are agent provocateurs of the police, are also given unusual protection by them and to also continue to act for them with immunity. Where I am living right now there are two such persons, that I also believed are agents of the police and of the Canadian government, against me, whose role is to create situations that would cause me to commit a crime. What is also schocking about those persons as well, is the fact that they are also in other ways, believed to have committed other crimes. For instance, by being illegally in Canada, or has committed a criminal offence while living in Canada, without having any official legal status. The Hugues Idholo case, is also one example of this. The other case, involving the woman, Yu Xia Li, who is also believed to be, allegedly, living in Canada illegally, is another.  In the Hugues Idholo case, with no evidence of having any legal status, whatsoever, except maybe those that would apply to a conventional refugee applicant in this case, which is also limited, there are still no proof that he is either a conventional refugee, a landed immigrant, or Canadian citizen. And with the other person, Yu Xia Li, there is no evidence, whatsoever, of her having any kind of legal status, including, those under the refugee protection provisions of the law.  This should show the depth of the problem with the police and other government authorities, regarding those persons and others like them, that they have also commissioned, to act for them, to "take down" their select targets.

When entrapment by the police is proven in a court of law, it is also the basis for the acquittal of the case. The fact that the police will not take any actions against those persons and where evidence has also shown them to have broken the law, otherwise, is a clear case of the police working clandestinely with them also.  Some of the things that they have done are also very subtle and one has to really study their actions, to see the motives behind some of their actions and also the police involvement with them behind the scene. But there is also more regarding those actions. The police I believed has helped to cover up other investigations against them. Some of which I have also disclosed here on my blog.

For example, going out of their way, to try and cause the person to act, or to react to some of their actions. All of which are in themselves criminal and for which they could also be charged. The police chose to regard it as a dispute between the parties. The difference in this case, is where one of the party, is also believed to be an unwilling participant, to all of this and would also preferred, to be left alone, or out of it entirely. This tactic of entrapment by the police, also has a psycological aspect to it. And the police intention is to continue to "apply pressure" until the target eitther snaps, or do something, that would also make them fall into their hands. In which case they would have also accomplished their purpose.  
So I have decided to turn the tables on them. I decided that the law is on my side at this time and not theirs and that I will also use this against them, should I be cognizant of any actions of theirs, that I believed, is either criminal, or that should also be investigated, and which is also not being done at this time and that will also be done, in the interest of the public, and despite the police actions to protect those persons.  Therefore attempts by them, and others to entrap me, will also be reversed, where it is I who will be laying the charges, for any infringement of my rights, by them, either through the criminal code, or by other means available to me, under the law. Where they want me to act aggressive, I will act assertive and I will indeed, ascertain my legal rights here, against them. I will not fall victim to this kind of abuse by the police. I am fairly educated enough and also know the law well enough, to know that I also do not have to go along with their ploy, like a sheep to the slaughter.  It is a form of human rights abuse, because it also prevents the person from being able to live a normal life, or to have the enjoyments of such a life.

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