Thursday, October 18, 2012


Woman, believed to be Yu Xia Li and also illegally in Canada. She is also accused, of endangering, the safety of the public.


Li Yong Yu, is the owner of the property located at 87 Argyle street, in Toronto and she is also being accused, of harbouring people, who are also believed to be illegally in the country, including, members of her own family, on the property.

She is also being investigated, by the city of Toronto, for other violations, including for possibly breaching the zoning by law, and other infractions, regarding the building.

The Toronto police, 14 division, has been accused of working with those same people, it is also believed, who they also know to be illegally, in the country and has also been using them, to act as agent provocateurs.  This is the shocking revelation that is now coming to forth, after the police also refused to act, upon information, to investigate those same persons, after they were also being investigated, for endangering the safety of others, while already breaking the law, for allegedly, being here illegally.

The two persons at the center of the controversey, are Hugues Idholo Yala, who is also believed to be applying for refugee status and after he was also charged with a violent offence!, while in Canada.  The second person, also at the center of this story, is a woman that is also believed, to go by the name of Yu Xia Li, the sister of the owner of the building.  She currently lives at 87 Argyle street, in Toronto and she is also believed to be illegally in the country and that this is also known to the police, the Toronto 14 division police to be exact, but that they have also not acted upon it, though they have been known to attend the property, many times, to investigate their actions, including within the last week, when they were both accused, of causing a fire hazard, by putting oil on the stove, deliberately and for which the fire department, is also investigating.  That was what got them into trouble, recently. And if it was also left up to the police, they would also cover it up entirely. 

It is bad enough that there are allegations, against them for being in Canada illegally, but endangering the safety of the public, at the same time, is also what has caused me, to regard this matter, as being of public concern and to also make this information public. By making those allegations about them public, I  hope to force the Canadian authorities, to act to protect the safety of the public. It is another blow to the corruption, that might also be underneath it all and why they don't want to act, in this case. 

A View of the Canadian System.
Canada Deports Those Who Saves Lives and Keep Those Who Endanger It.

On the other hand, another person, who has claimed to help the police to solve many unsolved murder cases and to help put those murderers behind bars, was also recently deported from Canada.  She has called herself the 'snitch lady' and has personally claimed to help put at least 13 persons, in prison, for committing murders, as well as other serious crimes.  Kemi Omolulu Olunloyo, was deported back to Nigeria, after her refugee application was denied, by the Immigration and Refugee Board.  Some people, like me, also believed, that, she was deported to save  her own life, maybe?. Since putting murderers behind bar, is also a highly dangerous job.  Kemi Omolulu Olunloyo, has also actually said that much, too, when she described her departure, as being a "covert operation" and "that she was given the VIP treatment". Still, Canada acted treaterously, by deporting, someone who actually made society safer, albeit, acting stupidly herself.
It is a tactic that it has used many times.  I once know a woman who was deported back to Central America, after cooperating with CSIS and the police here, and who also ratted out on some drug dealers, back in her own country, in retrurn for having status in Canada. She was later deported back to the very same country, to face those persons, she had betrayed to the Canadian authorities.  That is how the Canadian government operate. I feel sorry for none of them, with the exception, of one of those cases. The Omar Khadar case. After obtaining, whatever information, that it could, from the boy, Omar Khadar, CSIS then turn around and handed him over to the United States government, where he was later tortured some more and detained. 

Many people are also aware, that, Canada is a haven for criminals and when I also discovered, that, the Toronto police, 14 division, and also others, including the government, directly and also the court, were actually working, with those who are also believed, to have committed a crime, in some way, I had to report it, like I did here, regarding the Li Xia Yu and the Idholo Hugues cases. Simply because it is also corruption.