Tuesday, November 20, 2012


On Tuesday, September 25, the accused, Idholo Hugues aka Hugues Idholo Yala, was in court at the Old
City Hall courthouse, inToronto, where he was also facing the criminal charge, of threatening, pertaining to the animal, whose life, he had threatened and also tried to kill back in July.  The charge against him, was also withdrawn by the court, upon the recommendation of the crown.
This happened, also, despite the fact that the crown attorney's office and also the police officer, who was in charge of the case, Robert Monteiro, of the 14 Division precinct, were earlier informed by Patricia Wilson, the manager, of the Victim Witness Programme, on behalf of the victim in this case, regarding the questionable identity, of the accused, which should have also been investigated by them, and also addressed, by the court.  This also did not happen in this case. The police also had direct knowledge, of the accused, using different names, as his legal name, but also did nothing about it.

Then there is also the 911 tape, and what both the crown attorney's office and also the police, also did with that piece of evidence. Where the accused could also be heard, in the background, making his threats to kill the animal, as the victim also called the police. The most damaging piece of evidence, however, was the accused, Idholo Hugues, own self incriminating statements to the police, directly, as he was being arrested
on July 9th, regarding his intentions. "I'm going to kill it, I don't care", he was heard to tell the police. He had also challenged, the owner of the animal earlier, by saying, "bring it, i.e cat, into the kitchen, I am going to kill it right now", as he also took up a knife and advanced towards the victim.  Two other witnesses were also present, as the accused had attacked the victim and also tried to kill her animal and had continued to ranted on about his intentions. What had led up to the attack, was the accused not wanting the animal, on the premises and was also incited, when the victim had washed her cat in the kitchen sink earlier. The victim was talking to the landlord, over the matter, when the accused also attacked her and also attempted to carry out his threats to kill her animal. His chilling words were disregarded by the police, when they also put him back into the same house, as the victims, in this case.

Still the police wanted to be convinced, about the accused actions, so they called in, to listen to the 911 tape at the scene and afterwards they took the accused into custody. They also told the victim after listening to the 911 tape, that it was unlikely that the accused, would be let back into the residence, after his arrest. That also changed at the police station, after they "had a discussion" and the accused was released on his own recognizance, with no undertakings by the police, including the fact that the accused was also free, to continue to have contact with the victim, in this case and to continue to live on the same premesis.

The Toronto police officer, Robert Monteiro, and other officers from the 14 division precinct, also, later fabricated their version, of the events, in their report to the court. This should also not be surprising, because Robert Monteiro, is the same cop, who was also charged, previously, for stealing drugs and money, from dealers, as a part of the now infamous and also defunct, drug squad. Another police officer, associated with this case, Steven Correia, was also just convicted, in June of 2012, for his role as an undercover officer, with the drug squad and where he was also charged and convicted, with the following charges of , assault, theft, perjury, conspiracy to obstruct justice and extortion. One of the charge that he had also faced, for perjury, was for falsifying his notes and then lying about it later at a preliminary hearing.  He was also previously charged with fraud. So it should also surprised no one, that their old habits, should also resurfaced, with the Idholo Hugues, aka Hugues Idholo case. That is what I was up against, and the fact that they been able to work with both the crown and also the court, in this case, in having the charge also withdrawn, against the accused.